On this page you will find all Tanks in Monster Legends!

IMPORTANT NOTE: To be considered a Tank and therefore be put on this list, a monster must have:

  • Taunt as move or trait (Mega Taunt counts as well)
  • Over 31,000 health

Top 10 Tanks at Rank 0 Edit

  1. Santerion
  2. Eisul
  3. Rubellus
  4. Clipeum
  5. Koralle Brutallis
  6. Dunn Ra
  7. Mephisto
  8. Hyperia
  9. Inquisitor Fulmen
  10. Voytek

Honorable Mentions Edit

Tanks List Edit

  • Ahran - 32,572 Life, his trait is Possession Immunity. He can apply Taunt to himself and 100% Damage Mirror in a move.
  • Alces' Bodyguard - 37,699 Life, his trait is Hardened. He can apply Taunt. He has a Self Increased Healing + Double life in a move, and an AoE NER, and AoE Increased Healing.
  • Atlas - 33,779 Life, his trait is Attuned. He can apply Taunt with Double Life in a move. He has an AoE 40% Shield, and a Single 30% Shield.
  • Balor - 38,906 Life, his trait is Hardened. He has AoE Total Blind, Quicksands and Poison. His Taunt move gives him Double Life.
  • Clipeum - 45,541 Life, he has a great trait (Taunt + Celestial) and can apply Mega Taunt to itself. He also has a NER + Stamina Regen + Extra Turn, a 100% Damage Mirror + Dark Hater, and a Single Target Mega control skill.
  • Cryotan - 41,017 Life, his trait is Mountain. He can apply Taunt to himself, and he has an AoE Mega Freeze, but it's stamina costs are an ungodly 250.
  • Dunn Ra - 46,446 Life, (the same as Mephisto's) Her trait is Tough + SC: Mega Taunt. She is in the Elite Book, which means she can have better skills that you can use after ranking her up.
  • Eisul - 43,340 Life, he is a tank with an Evolving trait (R0- Taunt R1- Freeze Immunity R3- Mega Taunt). He can apply Possession, Mega Possession and a few DoT's.
  • Francine Frank - 43,128 Life, her trait is Tough. She can apply Taunt with 50% Damage Protection.
  • Himass - 32,874 Life, his Trait is Blind Immunity. He has one Self-Taunt move. He can also apply Self-Damage Boost and Evasion.
  • Hiroim the Tenacious - 34,683 Life, his trait is Bulwark. He can apply Taunt and Damage Mirror in a move. He has a 100% Shield + Stun Immunity move, and he has a Single Target Mega Stun.
  • Igursus - 42,525 Life, his trait is Mountain. He can be Tank, but also an attacker, because of his high damaging skills. He can also apply Taunt and Skill Mirror in a move.
  • Inquisitor Fulmen - 42,223 Life, Hardened + SC: Area 50% Shield. He can heal himself, apply shields and has one taunt move.
  • Keithor - 35,588 Life, his trait is Immune to Possession. He can apply Taunt while Healing itself by 20%. He has a 100% AoE Shield, an AoE 30% Heal + an AoE NER, and a 50% self Heal + an Extra Turn.
  • Koralle Brutalis - 44,335 Life, this monster has the Taunt trait. He can apply Mega Taunt like Clipeum, but he can apply more DoT's and has an AoE Stun.
  • Kronxian Guard - 41,922 Life and Stun Immunity at R0, Tough at R1, and SC: Space Time added at R3. He can apply Taunt with PER Block and Anticipation.
  • Lui Calibre - 31,366 Life, his trait is Immune to Freeze. He can apply Taunt, Skill Mirror and 50% shield in a move.
  • Mephisto - 46,446 Life, (the same as Dunn Ra's), His trait is Demon + SC: Mega Taunt. He has many skills that apply DoT's and 2 skills that drain stamina.
  • Neobuki - 37,096 Life, her trait is Hardened + Positive Effect Protection. She can apply Evasion to her allies and give herself Taunt in a move.
  • Oikawa - 41,319 Life, his trait is Hardened. He can apply Taunt with Immunity to Possession, Stun, and Freeze.
  • Ouros - 40,112 Life, his trait is Mountain. He can apply Taunt with Double Life and Damage Mirror.
  • Rubellus - 44,335 Life, his trait is Taunt at R0, Area Nature Protection at R1, SC: Mega Taunt at R3, and Abomination at R5. He has Mega Taunt + 100% Damage Mirror move and Team NER.
  • Santerion - 44,636 life, his trait is Hardened + SC: Mega Taunt at R0, Mega Taunt at R1, Artifact at R3, and SC: Damage Reduction at R4. He also has Self NER, Team 50% Heal, Team 35% Heal, Self 75% Heal, and more.
  • Shannara's Bodyguard - 38,906 Life, his trait is Immune to Stun. He can apply multiple shields along with AoE NER, his Taunt move gives him a 100% Shield.
  • Thetys' Bodyguard - 38,001 Life, his trait is Tough. He can apply Taunt with a 50% Damage Mirror. He has a 50% Shield + Health Regen but removes 100% of his stamina. He has Team NER + a 50% Damage Mirror.
  • Treetopog - 43,128 Life, he has Hardened + SC: Self 50% Shield as a trait, he has Self Taunt + 50% Shield + 100% Dmg Mirror as a move.
  • Voytek - 37,699 Life, his trait is Immune to Freeze. He can Freeze an Enemy while applying Taunt to himself. He has an AoE 75% Shield + Freeze and Stun Immunity. Also, he has an AoE 100% Shield + an AoE NER in a move.
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