This is a place to put your teams and skills on the wiki

Smokeyjet's Team:

Grakon 110, 1 Level 7 Speed Rune and 1 Level 10 Speed Rune

Wisdom of decay

Bloody Roots


Chants of the Swamp

Strat: Use Wisdom if the enemy has mega taunt, dodge area or evasion (indiv), if not, use Bloody. Then use Roots to denie another monster or Chants to torture the enemy and clean your team.

Quaxalcroc 110, 1 Level 7 Strength Rune and 1 Level 5 Stength Rune

Azrec Fire

Sun Hammer

Ember Storm

Blaze Rain

Stat: Use Blaze Rain and Ember Storm to torture the enemy team. Sun Hammer is for the AD monsters and Aztec if I run out of stamina

Elvira 100, 2 Level 5 Team Speed Runes

Aura of Forgiveness

Aura of Wrath

Protecting Light

Repent, Sinner

Stat: Aura of Forgiveness and Aura of Wrath are to NER my team. Use Protecting Light on Grakon or Elvira to prevent being OHKO because of a mythic and Repent to do damage.

Dragoni's New Team:

Rubellus 100, 2 Level 6 Runes and 1 Speed Level 7 Rune



Aminita Aprica

Turkey Tail

Strategy: Use Chaga on first turn, or use Turkey Tail if an ally has been denied with a mega deny Next turn use Aminita Aprica for the AoE Poison/Daze

Fenrir 100 1 Level 5 Speed, 2 Level 5 Team Speed

Desolation Axe

Rage of Fenrir

Black Wolves Depredation

Wolves Pack

Use Rage of Fenrir on Zombic (or whatever attacker you want to use). This moves is currently broken, and won't actually stun the monster you use it on

Zombic 105 3 Level 5 Strength Runes

You Spin Me Right

Spin Like A Record

I Set My Sights On You

Duck And Hold/Watch Out Here I Come

Use both the Extra Turn moves to deal lots of damage to target monsters (or is you have Watch Out, Here I Come, use that second after Spin Like A Record). The AoE Earth move can EASILY destroy most, if not all of the enemy team. Just watch out for those Tanks though, as they can tank the high damage, but You Spin Me Right can be used to destroy them (provided you used the Fenrir buff)

Rubberninja237's New Team:

Al Canine 105, (2 speed lvl 7, speed & stamina lvl 6, Delayer Trap 20, Supercharged amulet 20)

I Have a Job For You

I Want You Closer


Unpaid Load

Strategy: Go first, use Unpaid loan if Wangzhou can't go next, otherwise use Vendetta. Next turn use the other Denial skill or use the AoE NER+Guard down Hater

Wangzhou 100, (Speed 7, Speed 6, Team speed 9)

Tieh Zhou

Er Zhe

Zu Zhou

Er Meng

Strategy: Either go second after Al Canine and use Er Meng, or go after the enemy team and use Tieh Zhou in order to setup for Flamerion. Then just continuously drain stamina.

Flamerion 105 (2 Strength 10, Life 9, Energy staff 30, Nishant's sword 25)

Max Damage

Fire Hack

Max Burn

Max Flamethrower

Strategy: It's not essential to go first due to how he can't be denied other than CDA (Wangzhou can recharge his stamina throughout the battle). First either use Fire Hack to set up for Max Damage, use Max Burn to apply tortures, or Max Flamethrower on taunt monsters. Max damage can be used as well to 1HKO monsters on the first turn.

General Strategy: Although Flamerion deals out impressive damage, a majority of the damage will come from tortures, given how this team can apply SEVEN of them in a short amount of time. Between Al Canine and Wangzhou, they can keep a whole team denied for anywhere from 3-5 turns straight depending on immunities or stamina requirements, allowing for Flamerion to just absolutely decimate with raw damage.

DarknessLOL666's New Team:

Sunblast 110, (3 speed lvl 6, Oblation staff 30, Delayer Trap 20)

Block Out The Sun

Cover The World In Darkness

Stop, It's Firetime

Dazzling Fireshow

Strategy: GO FIRST! VERY IMPORTANT! Start with Dazzling Fireshow if there are enemies immune to possession, otherwise use CTWID.

Ingenica 115 (1 speed 7, 2 Team speed 6, Haste Amulet, Cane of the Atlantis)

My Favorite Trait

Stress Test

Update Released

Plasma Gun

Since Ingenica goes 2nd on my team (because enemies are denied), she can do Stress Test to VoltaiK (haha). If Sunblast went 2nd, then Update Released is your lifesaver.

Dr. Marihelson 105 (Great Healing essence, Osur's Amulet)

One Turn And Done(attack team)

Cain 100 (1Speed,2Strength)

Great damage output can take out most teams when he goes after my other two monsters. does have moderate accuracy so carful of that.

Soul Rip

Ancestral Bite

Deadly Stigma

Quick Bite

This skill set lets you dish out max damage as fast as possible have max health again if you get hit with Ancestral bite. only downfall is high cooldowns and once you've used all four attacks you are out of stamina so you do have to wait two turns till you can use him again. beware of a monster that has shock or cooldowns activation. Might recommend using three strength is you have a strong denier.

Darmith's Bodyguard 100 (2speed, 1 team speed)

complements Cain very well. If I could find a better support monster I might use it.

Atlantis Pact(use first if going against any water monsters who are faster then your denier of if he misses)

Fire Cursed (use first if going against all monsters except nature that are slower then your denier)

Dragon Souls (only use first if there are good nature monsters on other team)

Special Lizard (use whenever really)

He can block freeze and water resistance to the team making Cain immune to both freeze and possession. He can apply fire weakness thus giving Cain more damage or can give team a damage and precision boost for two turns (I recommend using this after fire weakness unless going against nature monsters) and if that's not all he can give special resistance to the team!

Patient Cyber 100 (3speed)

Fastest Denier according to this wiki and has cooldowns activated so no immunity. And can block positive affects

Mutated Strain (use if one enemy worries you. single cooldowns activated)

Force Transduction ( Use second if you know their support has short cooldowns and will block its buffs)

Endemic Pathogen (Use first, Activates all cooldowns on enemies)

Oftalphagous (Recommended use second if you know one monster has short cooldowns)

Works wonders as a denier only issue is AOE cooldowns activated sometimes misses)

This team only is countered by faster runes. If Cyber lands his AOE you will likely take out 2-3 of their monster before the enemy team gets their first move (most likely a recharge). Cyber denies enemy, Darmith's BG buffs Cain, then Cain wipes them out. Have not tries this on defense but when using this team on dungeons on auto play Cyber tends to not use his AOE first so if you run this on defense id recommend changing him our for possible AL Canine.


AlphaOmega496's team

Monsters used: Neobuki, General Thetys, General Ingvar

  • Neobuki: Level 110, 3 Team Strength Runes, Moveset: Shinimagi Form, Yokodzuna Form, Izanagi, Hikari
  • General Thetys: Level 110, 3 Speed Runes, Moveset: Stamina Devourers, Frosting Sea Monster, Elite Sea Troops, Abyss Attack
  • General Ingvar: Level 100, 3 Team Speed Runes, Moveset: Discouragement, Encouragement, Blinding Wings, Full Attack


With her 3 Speed runes, her high level and Ingvar's Team Speed runes, General Thetys goes first most of the time, and uses Stamina Devourers (to which no one is immune, that's why I chose her) to stop enemies from attacking for one turn. Then, Neobuki uses Hikari to immunise her team to Control, which will be very useful when enemies will have recharged their stamina and the enemy denier will strike. Ingvar then uses Discouragement to prepare the enemies for what's going to strike next 😈

The second turn begins - General Thetys recharges, then Neobuki gives AOE Double Damage (killing an enemy at the same time thanks to Ingvar's Discouragement), and Ingvar uses Blinding Wings to kill enemies with low Health and Blind those who remain. After that, enemy deniers are still incapacitated by Control Immunity.

Third Turn: General Thetys uses Frosting Sea Monster to Freeze Enemies (since Control Immunity will have worn off). Next, Neobuki gives herself Double Damage + Extra Turn, then uses Izanagi again to kill a second enemy (if he isn't dead yet) Finally, Ingvar uses Full Attack (with Discouragement still affecting enemies) to assassinate remaining enemies.

This strategy works approximately 85% of the time.


Obviously, this strategy (like all strategies) has flaws. Here they are:

  • General Thetys' Stamina Devourers is great, because no one is immune to it, but enemies can still use their Special, which could change the course of the battle.
  • Shademoon. Avoid this monster at all costs - he has Dodge Area and is therefore unaffected by Stamina Devourers.
  • The second turn. This is the most unpredictable turn in the Neobuki/Thetys/Ingvar strategy, as monsters are not controlled anymore and, even Blinded, can be a problem - especially Attackers...


This strategy, obviously, can be used with other monsters.

  • To replace General Thetys: Any other AOE Full Stamina Removal or Cooldowns Activated monster like Sunblast, Frostbite, etc.
  • To replace Neobuki: Ideally another monster who can give Control Immunity or Evasion to monsters and who also has an AOE Damage Boosting Move (I don't know if that exists...)
  • To replace General Ingvar: Maybe a monster who can give Special Weakness to enemies.

nottacocat000's team

The Baroness 100, all team speed runes

She is mainly a useful team speed holder that counters timerion as he is common at my trophy range (4000-4500)

Raider Ambush - Stamina Regen and Artifact Hater for whole team

Unstoppable Raiders: CDD and NER whole team

Scrapped Timerion Device - Single target CDA and extra turn

Toxic Dust Storm - AOE 40 Metal Damage + Stamina Leak

General Thetys 105 all speed lvl 6

Denier ik its not the best but dont have anything better

Stamina Devourers - AOE 100% Stamina Removal

Elite Sea Troops - Team Precision + Damage Boost + Full Stamina Regain

Abyss Attack - SIngle target freeze

Frosting Sea monster - Heavy water dmg to one enemy + 50% AOE Freeze

Muetre McBlood, Strength 4 and 5, speed 6

Amazing attacker read the page im too lazy to type

Back to the Damage - Self Double Damage + Evasion!

No one calls me Bat - AOE 50 Dark dmg

Inherited Fangs - 70 damage special + 100% Life steal (absolutely amazing its basically a full heal)

Orlok Curse - AOE 40 Dark Damage + Bleeding


Thetys almost always goes first and does Stamina Devourers, denying everyone. Then Baroness does Scrapped Timerion Device on the biggest threat like a denier then Raider Ambush, giving Thetys Stamina regen. Then Muertle does back to the damage, getting double damage. Thetys usually goes next and does Elite Sea Troops, giving Muerte Damage boost but he already has double damage so it becomes Triple Damage. Then he does No one calls me bat and its game over. If a tank survives Theytys can just do Abyss Attack to freeze then Muerte can do Inherited Fangs.

Unknown Guy's Team

Quixote 115, 1 Strength 1 life 1 Team Speed, Useless Relics

I use him for his Balm of Fierabas and Tilting at Windmills. Best Sauce, Hunger is also decent.

Balm of Fierabas - Triple Damage for 2 turns, 50% Chance of Possessing self.

Tilting At Windmills - 25% chance of Instakill

Best Sauce, Hunger - 45 AoE Special Damage

Good nor bad Last - 35 AoE Metal and Bleed

Tankerion 105, 3 Team Speed, Useless relics

I use him because he is a team speed slave with a crazy good special power. He never gets to go, so I dont think I need to say his skills

Useless Skills

Al Canine 120, 3 Speed, Useless relics

CDA Guard down move

AoE Stun and Sunburn move

Guard Down hater skill

Single Ally NER and GDH

I use him becuase he is a Lethal Denier and Tilting at Windmills (from Quixote) hits 100% of the time. I do it on the denier. Then Al Canine does the guard down hater, and the enemies are still denied from CDA. Quixote does Balm of Fierabas, Al does the Single ally NER and Guard down hater and Quixote can do Hunger best sauce, OHKOing anything with less than 200k life.

Black Destruction 92’s Team

Ixofex 110, 2 Speed VI, 1 Speed V

I use Ixofex as a placeholder.  He is pretty good, but if I find a better attacker I like and can rank up easily, he’s off my team

Ixofex Claws - 55 Dark damage + Bleed to one enemy

Ixofex Bite - 65 Special damage + Daze to one enemy

Very Angry Xenophagous - Double Damage and Increased Healing to self

Above Space and Time - AoE Possession

Relics: Spirits Trap lvl 13 | Haste Banner lvl 7

Some might say that the skill “Angry Xenophagous” is better than “Very Angry Xenophagous” because, it gives Ixofex an extra turn.  I prefer the latter because, it allows Ixofex to hit harder, and since I didn’t give him strength runes, I need that extra damage. I gave Ixofex speed runes instead of strength runes just so he could keep up with the competition and make use of his AoE Possession.  Another skill that most other Ixofex is “Fists From Outer Space.” I prefer “Ixofex Bite” instead of “Fists From Outer Space” because, it does more damage and has a lower cooldown.

Igursus 120, 1 Strength V, 2 Health VI

Ah Igursus, my best monster.  I use him for the sole fact that he kicks the crap out of other monsters with his amazing health, power, and trait

Krakatoa - 60 Fire damage + 50% Shield to self

Vesuvius - Taunt and Skill Mirror to self

Teide - 70 Fire damage to one enemy

Etna - 65 Special damage + Quicksand to on enemy

Relics: Widow Armor lvl 13 | Slowing Trap lvl 19

Again, some may disagree with the moves that I picked for Igursus.  They might say that “Pacaya” is better that “Teide,” and you may be right.  “Pacaya” does less damage, but it’s an AoE move, and on top of that, it applies Burn to all enemies.  I prefer “Teide” because, “Teide” does so much more damage, and it is better than “Pacaya” when you want to take out monsters with 1 swift stroke.  Every now and then when I play Multiplayer (not to brag, but I’m in Legendary III as of today) I see people put speed runes on their tanks. That is probably the dumbest idea ever.  Tanks are supposed to, um, TANK, not attack. Igursus may be an offensive tank, but he is not supposed to be fast.

Patient Cyber 110, 1 Speed VII, 1 Speed VI, 1 Speed IX

I think you should know why I use Patient Cyber in my attack team, if you don’t, here’s why: HE KICKS ASS!!!

Force Transduction - 40 Metal damage + Nanovirus to all enemies

Endemic Pathogen - 30 Metal damage + CDA to all enemies

Oftalphagous - 50 Metal damage + Total Blind to one enemy

Mutated Strain - 40 Special + CDA to one enemy

Relics: Energizer Staff lvl 14 | Drainer Staff lvl 14

Patient Cyber is fast and furious.  He is one of the best deniers I own and I am proud to own him.  The moveset that I use for Patient Cyber speaks for itself. He is just a better version of Timerion.  Also, his relics are lifesavers. The Energizer Staff is amazing against Thetys. It is my best defense against “Stamina Devourers.”  It also allows my monsters to stay in the fight for just a little longer. Overall, Patient Cyber is one of my best monsters, right up there with Igursus.

Strategy: Usually I start out with “Endemic Pathogen” in order to activate all of my enemies’ cooldowns, but if Ixofex is able to outspeed the competition, I will only either apply Nanovirus to all enemies or, I will activate cooldowns on the denier if the denier is immune to Possession. After that, I use Ixofex’s “Above Space and Time” to Possess my enemies. Usually the enemy team kills itself, but if they don’t, Igursus will finish them off. I may have no AoE damage, and believe me, that really sucks, but I am still able to win most of my battles.

InvinciblePlayzYT's Team

Al Canine Level 115, 3 Team Speed Level X

Unpaid Loan: AoE CDA + Guard Down

Vendetta: AoE Stun + Sunburn

I Have A Job For You: AoE Negative Effect Removal + Guard Down Hater

An Offer You Can't Refuse

Metalisha Level 115, 3 Speed Level X

Moth Into Flame: Turn Transfer + Ignite

Enter Damageman: Triple Damage

One More Song: 50% Revival

Puppet Master: AoE Double Damage + Control Effect Removal

Stake Level 110, 1 Power Level X, 2 Team Speed Level X

Two Stroke Fangs: 75 Water damage + Bleeding

Broiling Refrigeration: AoE 50 Water damage + Bleeding

Revolution Increase: 50 Water damage + Self Double Damage

Forced Exhaustion: Negative Effect Removal + Extra Turn

Skills are pretty obvious.


A lot of people might be surprised to see Al Canine with Team Speed. I use him to make Metalisha's blistering lvl 100 Speed stat of 3542 even higher. Stake also has 2 Team Speed runes for the same purpose. Starting off, Metalisha goes first just about every time. I use Moth Into Flame, giving an Extra Turn to Al Canine. Even though it applies Ignite, he has a solid chance to dodge it thanks to his Trait, Tough. Once he gets his Extra Turn, he uses Unpaid Loan: AoE CDA + Guard Down. As you know, CDA is extremely difficult to counter. This shuts down the enemy denier (as well as the rest of the team), forcing them to Recharge. Metalisha is so fast that she gets another turn immediately after that. She uses Enter Damageman, which gives Triple Damage to Stake. Next goes Al Canine, or sometimes an enemy Attacker since it's common to give them a Speed rune. Most attackers I see in PvP don't have an anti CDA move, so 9/10 times they have to Recharge thanks to CDA. If the attacker goes first, they are forced to Recharge. Then it's Al's turn. If Al goes first, obviously he goes. Whatever happens, Al uses I Have A Job For You. This gives my allies Triple Damage to monsters with Guard Down (AKA the enemy team). Typically another enemy goes this time, but like their friends, they also have to Recharge. Now Stake gets to go. He deals 50 AoE Water damage AND applies Bleeding. With 2 Triple Damages going (Triple Damage from Metalisha and Triple Damage from Guard Down Hater), this deals a LOT of damage. Enough to wipe out most enemy teams. If they survive (which rarely happens), they are either killed by Bleeding or need to Recharge thanks to CDA. GG.


I am F2P. I get most of my gems by completing Monsterwood tasks.

All of my runes were obtained from x-1-1-1 method.

I got Stake to Rank 1 after his cells were in Monsterwood and I requested from my team. I got him to Rank 2 after requesting some more cells and using some Elementium.

DarknessLOL666's Team

Warmaster Thallasa level 100, 3 speed level 6, Haste Amulet level 7, Heavy Duty Armor

I use her because she is a very speedy and Tanky denier/support with mega freeze and drowned. I start off with freezing all enemies, then megafreezing the most dangerous enemy. Drowned takes care of VoltaiK quite nicely, as he will lose 45% of his stamina.

Abyssmal Pressure - 30 AoE Water Damage, Megafreezes target.

Ocean Rain - AoE NER and Freeze Hater.

Arctic Waves - 30 AoE Water Damage, Freeze and Drowned.

Cryotan Breath - AoE Megafreeze

I use Abyssmal pressure because it is the only megafreeze skill not in skills group 4. It also has a bearable cooldown. I use Ocean Rain because I like NER better than Precision. Arctic Waves is an AoE freeze, so it is automatically good. Katsukana is a good 0cd freeze move.

Thetys Pet lvl 105: 1 speed lvl 5, 2 strength lvl 6. Furious Banner level 4, Pestilence Trap lvl 16.

I use her because she is a good water attacker with double damage. She can do 70k damage with Double Damage and Freeze Hater. Since she will go 2nd, I use damaging sea first, then Thalassa does AoE NER and Freeze hater

Vitality Sea - 65 Water Damage and 50% stamina recharge, 1cd

Damaging Sea - 65 Water damage and 2x damage.

Preicision Tornado - 75 Water Damage and Precision.

Water Vortex - AoE 50 Water Damage.

She doesn't need Freezing sea or Smashing Sea because I have warmaster thallasa to make all enemies shut up, so Vitality Sea is there so she never has to recharge.

Ouros lvl 100: 3 life lvl 6, Soul Armor, lvl 7, Pestilence Trap lvl 1

I use him as a general tank that makes you crap in your pants at the sight of him. I also love his special power. He has good power, but I don't need to use it because Thetys Pet is such a good attacker.

Everest - double life and taunt.

Cho Oyu - Damage Mirror

Manalsu - 45 Special Damage and Regen

Parbat - 40% shield to self

I use all the tanking moves because Thetys Pet is a good attacker but with low life, so she needs a tank to back her up and tank hits.

My team

Balor Level 115 - Life V, Life V, Strength V

First of all, he can be a great tank, for diverting any attack that gets through Timerion. Second, he can keep them from landing a hit with his AoE Total Blind. Lastly, he'll finish off enemies with his Quicksands or one-hit Thunder monsters that Voltaik didn't kill.

-Nether Demon( 40 AoE Earth damage, self health regen)

-Poisonous Sight (65 Earth damage and Poison)

-Balor of The Evil Eye (30 AoE Special damage, Total Blind and Quicksands to all enemies.)

-King of Fomorians ( Taunt and Double Life to self)

Balor of The Evil Eye, I'll use right off the bat to block any OCD attacks and to chip away at their health.

Poisonous sight is for one of those cases where Voltaik kills all the enemies but the Thunder. This will 1hk them.

King of Fomorians will divert all attacks to itself and he'll absorb them easily with his Double Life.

Nether Demon will do a nice chunk of damage to the enemies and help him recover lost health from King

Timerion - Level 100 - Speed VI, Speed VI, Speed VI

With his whopping speed given by the above runes, he'll almost always attack first. Even if the opponent's denier attacks first, it probably won't affect him and he can deny them the next turn.

-Cooldowns Activated (the name is self-explanatory)

-Stop Time (Immobilizes one enemy and gains an extra turn)

-Looped Damage(All allies reflect attacks for a turn)

-Space-Time(All allies dodge damage for a turn)

CD activated will often cau enemies to recharg, and it will almost always prevent them from using useful attacks

Stop Time can be used before CD Activated if they have a Voltaik or Learnean or something

Looped Damge is a good skill if they have an AoE denier, as it will deny their team right back.

Space-Time is fun to use when their attacker goes, as it's always hilarious to see a Barbatos hurt himself to for zilch

Voltaik - Level 100 - Stamina V, Stamina V, Speed VI

Do I even need to explain?

Static Shocks (20 Thunder damage to one enemy, followed by 15 Thunder damage to all enemies. Gains an extra turn.)

20,000 Volts (35 Thunder damage. Gains an extra turn.)

Electrodynamic assault(15 Special damage. Gains an extra turn)

50,000 Volts (50 Thunder damage. Gains an extra turn)

Static Shocks is to loop with 20,000 Volts

20,000 Volts is to loop with Static Shocks

Electrodynamic Assault is to attack Thunder types

50,000 Volts is only used by the AI

AlphaOmega496’s team


Level 110 - Speed IV, Stamina V, Stamina V. Useless relics

I use this monster for a simple reason; he kicks ass.

  • Böosaules Montes (AOE Megafreeze, 6-turn cooldown, 250 Stamina cost)
  • Euboea (Single Megafreeze, 3-turn Reaper Countdown)
  • Skadi (Recharges 35 stamina, gives one extra turn, 0 stamina cost)
  • Olympus (100% life shield, Taunt)

I use Boosaules Montes for its Mega Freeze, which immobilizes enemies for two turns to let Taiga use his double damage without being bothered :)

Euboea is super-useful if you want to immobilize a monster even more. It keeps him frozen for two more turns and applies 3 turn reaper countdown-which lets him only one more turn to attack before dying:)))

Skadi is relatively useless, since Goldfield is there to give him stamina Regen. I took this attack back when I didn’t plan to use goldfield.

Olympus is nice to protect other monsters if an enemy is immune to Mega Freeze (like Igursus)


Level 100 - Team Speed VI, Team Speed V, Team Speed IV

I use this monster for his COMPLETE LACK OF COOLDOWNS. Seriously, Goldfield is massively underrated, he’s great against Timerion!

  • Forgotten Problems (AOE Removes all negative effects + recharges 20% stamina) 0 cooldown
  • Aeter Infusion (Gives 50% damage increase and Precision to ally) 0 cooldown
  • Life Channeling (Heals 20% AOE+AOE Stamina Regen + Recharges Stamina)
  • Righteousness (gives double damage to ally) 0 cooldown

Forgotten Problems is cool if some dude gives Fatal Countdown to your allies. Aeter Infusion is nice for Taiga, to increase his Damage even more (double damage and damage increase stack so that makes +150% damage and precision) Life Channeling heals, which is always cool, and gives Stamina Regen for Cryotan after he uses his 250-stamina attack. Righteousness is amazing - double damage with no cooldown?? That’s great for a breedable monster! Nice for Cryotan for his Euboea attack or for Taiga if he uses up his double damage (which rarely happens since all enemies are dead by then)


Level 105 - Life V, Strength V, Strength V

Every decent player needs an attacker on their team, so this is why I chose Taiga (Cryotan being my immobilizer and Goldfield being my support monster)

Taiga can give himself double damage, and added to his two Strength Runes he can be incredibly useful.

  • Ready To Hunt (Gives itself Double Damage, Precision and Dodge Attacks)
  • Hidden Kill (Deals massive special damage and may apply Bleed)
  • Invisible Hunter (Deals very heavy special damage and gives itself Dodge Attacks)
  • Deadly Artifice (Low Light AOE damage + Bleed)

So Ready To Hunt is a must, since it gives him double damage. Dodge Attacks is a nice plus as it keeps enemies from killing Taiga while he waits. Hidden Kill is for a monster with lots of life, as it will kill him instantly (Double Damage + Two Strength Runes + Massive Damage = 50K damage). Deadly Artifice is great as it Deals 15K AOE (if double damage is applied) and 22K if the monster is weak to light. Invisible Hunter if you need to kill a dangerous monster (40K damage)


So using this team is pretty simple, you just need to go first (hope that enemies don’t have Speed Runes ) Use Cryotan’s Böosaules Montes first, and enemies will shut up for a while. Then, use Ready To Hunt with Taiga. Next, use Goldfield’s Aeter Infusion to boost Taiga even more.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Enemies with Mountain trait (like Ouros, Igursus or a CaptaIn Copperbeard) are immune to Megafreeze.

If enemies go first, heal allies with Goldfield’s Life Channeling and do the same as above.

Next turn, use Euboea to freeze a dangerous enemy, and Deadly Artifice for Taiga. Use whatever with Goldfield.

After that, kill another enemy with Invisible hunter or Hidden Kill, and keep Taiga’s streak going by giving him Double Damage again with Goldfield’s Righteousness.

If enemies are still alive by now, use your other Attacks to finish them off.

I think that’s it. Hope you enjoy my team! Write in comments what you thought about it :))

Rubberninja237's team

Dragonian Beast (lvl 110) (strength 5, team strength 5, team strength 5) (great enraged mask lvl 8)

The Dragonian beast was the first epic I got, and I kept using it even after getting many legendary monsters. He has pretty good health, good attack, low cool downs, and below average speed. With the runes, he's capable of dealing massive amounts of damage, and he's great against monsters like VoltaiK.

Beast roll

Jungle fighter II



Beast roll is a 100% accuracy skill which isn't weak to anything, good for a finishing move. It also works when an enemy has the "Mirror mirror" effect. Jungle fighter II does good damage and stuns all enemies, and doesn't have a large cool down. Rockorites does a very large amount of damage, and only has a 1 turn cool down. Biohit is a zero cool down skill that can obliterate magic monsters.

Rockantium (level 105) (speed 5, speed 4, health 6)

Rockantium, witih my runes, has a massive health pool (about 67k), high speed, and high damage (with the team strength runes his strength is increased by 32%). He can deal lots of damage, stun, and give a shield to all allies. He's great for tanking attacks.

Momentum hit

Rock Avalanche


Protect all team

Momentum hit is here for the same reason beast roll is on Dragonian Beast. Rock avalance does very high damage and stuns, with a 2 turn cool down. Rockorites does slightly less damage and doesn't stun, and has a 1 turn cool down. The combat is best when using rock avalance, then rockorites, then repeating. Protect all team gives a 40% shield to allies, making tanking attacks even easier.

Griffin (level 100) (team speed 5, team health 5, team stamina 4) (exhausting sword level 6)

Griffin is a fast monster with denying skills. He has below average health, but good speed and damage. He can provoke bleeding and deal massive damage.

Guardian attack

Bleeding pecks

Massive peck

Lion thunder

Guardian attack is the physical attack (same reason as the other 2), bleeding pecks does okay damage and provokes bleeding with a zero turn cool down. Massive pecks does really good damage but the cool down isn't that good (2 turn). Lion thunder is a good first move because the blind effect can completely disable monsters.

This team is better for offense for a few reasons. The first few attacks should be done in a specific order, and the CPU often picks the physical attacks because of the 100 percent accuracy. Rockantium goes first with this team. If the opposing team is challenging, use Protect all team. Then use lion thunder with Griffin. Then the other team usually goes. Then, Dragonian Beast goes. If there's a thunder monster, Rockorites will deal about 37k damage to it. If they are magic monsters, use biohit. If 2 or more weren't blinded, use Jungle fighter II.

Overall, this team is very good with AoE blind and stun, and the health pool is pretty good save for Griffin. It lacks a great denier, but all 3 monsters make good attackers with rockantium being the moderate support.

Tigerpawz's Team

130 Prince Charmless

Level 10 Speed , Level 9 Strength, Level 7 Stamina

It is a stronger Voltaik, If this stay alive for 1 turn, I can win the whole match.

Sweaty Blade

Entangled Cloak

Epic Quest

Hat Thrown

They all makes him to take extra turn, so I can keep attacking recklessly

115 Balor

Level 8 Team Speed, Level 7 Team Speed, Level 7 Team Speed.

I use him to boost all my team speed, plus he has ton of health, the best thing about him is his AOE Total Blind, this way can make enemy team miss all their attacks, even protects Cryotan's ultimate.

This will potentially be replaced if I saw a better race monster :S

Nether Demon

Balor of The Evil Eye

Poisonous Sight

King of Fomorians

115 Zimnyaya

3 Level 10 Speed.

I think he is stronger than Kihaku in my opinion, because he has a 3542 speed, he can outspeed all of the deniers, even the great Xiron the Ruby. This denier always attack first, so if Small Propaganda can hit entire enemy, and my Prince Charmless attack next turn it is over.

Not disrspecting Kihaku tho, he is better than Zimnyaya in defense, but in attack, sometimes Kihaku gets outspeeded but Zimnyaya doesn't

Frostletariat Uprising

Prisoner of Ice

Small Propaganda

Devastating Barrage

The stratedgy is using Zimnyaya Small Propaganda to freeze enemy team, all your team gets freeze hater which deals extra damage, then use Prince Charmless to poke them all down, if Charmless miss or Propaganda didn't hit enough enemy, Balor can disrupt them with Aoe Total Blind move.

This is the attack team got me to 4.25k Legendary, I am planning to go for top 500 if possible :S

My defensive team is just 105 Warmaster Necromancer, 130 Ixofex, 115 Talika.

Basictlly Talika can use 2 stun on enemy team, she usually goes first.

Ixofex is a good hybrid attacker, can AOE possession enemy team.

Warmaster Necromancer can revive team, give team possession protection, and can stop Voltaik or Prince Charmless, anything with extra turn move

MangoStarco's Team

Alex Bone / Taiga

For Alex Bone:

Level 100, two Speed runes [one Level 4 and the other Level 5], one Level 5 Strength rune; no relics.

He's good for two things: Evasion and AoE Stun. Guess which one I prefer?

  • My Cellmate HakaTaka
  • Paying the Marshall
  • Clacker's Desertion
  • Contrived Outbreak (Considering possibly replacing it for Pinherio, Max Authority)

Alex Bone's primary job is to evade and eliminate threats before they can become one, and if it's 1v1 or there's one enemy remaining, a fluid mix between his two evasion and stun will make it an easy victory. Clacker is just pure power + has a nice bonus of Daze just to make it even harder for them to hit.

For Taiga:

Level 100, three Level 5 Strength runes, no relics.

Taiga is built for pure firepower, that's all. Also he comes equipped with two moves that have a bastardized version of Alex Bone's [Teskita and Yamada also have at least one true-Evasion move as well] "unique" Evasion status effect, so that's handy.

  • Ready to Hunt
  • Invisible Hunter
  • Fatal Ambush
  • Hidden Kill

Taiga's job is to self-boost itself and quickly dispatch the most important member of an enemy team, such as a monster with a resurrecting move like The Undertaker or Metalisha, or a very annoying enemy that will annoy the shit out of me if not removed ASAP, such as Timerion, Voltaik, Alpha Cliviast, and Kihaku. Along with his setup move, Ready to Hunt, giving Taiga Double Damage, Precision, and "dodging the first attack received", the same bastardized effect also applies to his backup 'evasion' move, Invisible Hunter, granting Taiga 50 Special dmg + "dodging first attack received". Fatal Ambush for pure power-AoE Light dmg, and the Bread and Butter move, Hidden Kill, easily helps w/ 70 Special dmg + Bleed.

Alpha Cliviast

Level 100, three Speed runes [2 Level 6, 1 Level 4], no relics.

Alpha Cliviast is good for only one thing: a unique non-Special AoE 3-turn Death Countdown. If you're unaware of what a death countdown status effect is, it's basically Pokemon's 'Perish Song' move, giving the opponent a limited set of turns to win before they automatically faint/ lose once it reaches that many turns. See why it's so good?

  • Toxic Spores (AKA the Bread and Butter of any good Alpha Cliviast moveset, the unique AoE 3-turn Death Countdown move costing only 42 stamina and 3-turn cooldown, what's not to love about it?)
  • Absorb Nutrients
  • Red Chlorophyll
  • Venom Spread

Alpha's job is to stall until all enemies auto-faint from the Death Countdown by using it on turn 1, then immediately go for Venom Spread's AoE Poison + Stun for a free turn on the countdown, with Nutrients and Chlorophyll for Alpha's overall durability w/ life-steal. Alpha is obviously the MVP of the team, so making sure he survives long enough to setup its' Toxic Spores, and that's where ally #3 comes into play.


Level 100, 3 Health Runes [2 Level 5, 1 Level 4], no relics.

He's great at what he does: total protection and team durability. If I find a better monster that gives 100% Shields and Team AoE heals better than Keithor [or instead of AoE heals, an AoE Possession/ Freeze move] I may use them instead, but until then, I'll stick with Keithor.

  • Smells Like Protection
  • Bring The Roof Down
  • Eternal Solo
  • Group Performance

Keithor's Smells Like Protection is simply great; a 100% Shield costing 10 stamina lasting 2 turns, and only drawback being a 4-turn cooldown. While shields are up, Group Performance will prevent enemies from getting status-support, and Bring The Roof Down if any enemies manage to seriously damage Alex/ Taiga and Alpha. Eternal Solo is a failsafe move, giving 50% self-heal and an extra turn for 18 stamina and a 3-turn cooldown, if his shields haven't recharged yet but are desperately needed. (I may swap Eternal Solo with Drummer's Purge if I feel my team needs negative-status removal and an extra team AoE healing move)

My team overall, despite relying solely on the output of a single monster to seriously cripple enemies, can be devastating and end before enemies can really do much against my team before it's game-set-match. The only real weakness my team has is enemies that have the Artifact trait, as they will be immune to Death Countdown (unless I get a monster with a move that inflicts 'Disabled Trait' like Ingenica and have them be faster than Alpha so I can remove that enemy's trait long enough for me to set up Alpha's AoE Death Countdown.

Apple pies Attack Team

Copy cat level 100 Rune: 3 team speed level 7 relics: soul shattering freatsword level 6, energizer staff level 30

I use the monster as a ts holder thats the reason why his level 100, i might rank him up later cause there are multiple battle where i just need a tiny bit more hp to get to his turn.


Elders and dragons: Deals Heavy special damge to one enemy aplies possesion and freeze to one enemy 32 stamina 2 turns cooldown, i use this skills alot when fighting aginst mountain monsters if they did not get a turn yet, it basicly posses the enemy and tha ai almost always chose pacaya, or the aoe megafreeze.

Start lord: Deals moderate thunder damge to one enemy applies skill miror to it self. This skill is mainly used in situation where i can not do any thing to deny and if the next monster is enemy timmy i can use this so both are gonna surfer from cda

15000 volts: Deals moderate thunder damge to one ennemy give 1 extra turn to it self. This skill is mainly used when i want to cycle to his best skill and when his total blind, or its just some more damge to the enemy

Cupy implosion: Deals low special damge to all enemy, applies 2 random control effect to all enemy, his deny skills and his best skill, it only have 2 turn cooldown for this good of a skill, often times i turn transfer to him, and pretty much win the game.

Special skills 9000000 volts: deals massive special damge to all enemy, a bad special skill here.

Metalisha level 110 runes: level 9 speed rune, 2 level 8 speed rune relics: 2 healing amulet level 25

Metalisha is the key of my strat, her speed is extreamly high paired with my attacker and ts holder, i turn transfer to the monster i want, than the battle is pretty much mine.


Pupet master: Applies double damge to all allies for 1 turn, remove all control effect from all allies. I dont use this skill alot, but some times, my metalisha get 2 turns before my attacker i can use this skill and the next skill to make there power extreamly high, the remove control effect is also usefull in some situations.

Enter damgeman: Applies triple damge to one ally for 1 turn, remove all control effect from one ally, again for damge.

One more song: Reserect 1 ally with 50% health. Revival skills are always good, since she have 2 healing amulet, she mostlikely can stay to when my other allies are dead.

Moth in to flames: Apllies igniton to one ally, give one extra turn to one ally. This is her main skill always the first skill i do, since her base speed stats is 3542, it have some bad effect to the ally, but it do not do that much.

Spcial skill: Queens encore Remove all controll effect from all allies, applies double damge to all allies gives one extra turn to all allies. What is wrong with this special skills.... its one of the best special in the entire game. I pretty much just win as long my attacker is alive

Prince charmless level 115 rune: 1 stamina level 6 1 ts level 6 1 strength level 8 relics: healing mask level 17 soul satering great sword level 5

My attacker charmless, if you do not know him, his basicly a better voltaik in most situation(not against cda)

Sweaty blade: Deals heavy natrue damge to 1 enemy, applies poison to 1 enemy, give 1 extra turn to it self

Hate thrown: Deals very heavy nature damge to 1 enemy, give 1 extra turn to it self.(work in progress) pls dont edit

Yoshijr's team

Krampus lvl 100, 3 lvl 6 speed runes. no runes

He is a very fast denier and a pretty reliable one in my opinion. I also don't have a faster one.

Skill 1:Brutal Verdict: Freeze one enemy + single enemy special damage (I don't know how much damage the moves do)

Skill 2:Freezing Shadows: AoE freeze + AoE dark damage

Skill 3:Creepy Shadows: AoE nightmares + AoE dark damage

Skill 4: Burning Gift: Single enemy burn + 2 random effects + single enemy special damage

Igneus lvl 115, lvl 8 power rune, lvl 6 power rune, lvl 6 speed rune, no relics

I use Igneus because he is one of or the best fire attackers in the game. His fire weakness comboed with burn hater leads out to massive amounts of damage that can kill tanks in one shot. He also has great stats to boot.

Skill 1:Volcanic Fury: Single enemy fire damage + AoE burn

Skill 2: The Heat is On: AoE fire damage + single enemy burn

Skill 3: Fiery Temper: Single enemy special damage + burn + self burn hater

Skill 4: Magma Rain: AoE Fire weakness + AoE burn + self burn hater

Fatid lvl 115, lvl 7 health rune, lvl 6 health rune, level 6 speed rune, no relics

I use him because most of his moves can prevent him from hurting my team if he gets possessed, and he can resurrect and monsters that die. He also has won me many games by lasting very long and getting his special Pestilence Curse that slowly killed the enemies. Additionally, it's a great feeling when he is possessed and he uses Traitor Eater on the enemy.

Skill 1:Decomposing Body: Self double healing + self health regen + extra turn

Skill 2:Vein Worms: Resurrects one ally with triple damage and 2 turn death counter

Skill 3:Traitor Eater: -100% life of one ally + self 100% stamina + extra turn

Skill 4:Infected Breath: AoE nature damage + AoE poison and bleed

ItzJumpshotzzz’s Team(kinda F2P)

Monster 1:GoldField

Pro Monster Tamer:

Warmaster Thalassa: Lvl 130 and 3 Lvl X Speed Runes

  • Plankton Eater (Trait Disabled + Extra Turn, 36 STAMINA W/ 4CD)
  • Abyss Bottom (Single Trait Disabled + PER + AoE Mega Freeze, 49 stamina 4CD)
  • Thalassa`s chosen (Remove all negative effect from all one ally, applies freeze hater to one ally, give 1 extra turn to it self, 30 stamina 2CD)
  • Cryotan Breath ( AOE MegaFreeze w/ 3 turn cooldown)

Singularis: Lvl 130 and 3 Lvl X Team Speed Runes

  • Paradox (4 turn death countdown w/ 4 turn cooldown)
  • Singularity (AoE 50% Stamina removal + Stamina Leak, 3-turn cooldown)
  • Quasar (40 Special dmg + self-Haste, no cooldown)
  • Graviton/ Collapse (Graviton for 45 Special dmg + Slow Down w/ no cooldown, Collapse for 45 Special dmg + Positive status effect removal w/ 2-turn cooldown)

Ingenica: Lvl 130 and 3 Lvl X Team Speed Runes

  • My Favorite Trait (35 Special AoE dmg + Disables Trait + PER, 2-turn cooldown)
  • Stress Test (Double Damage + "Artifact Hater" + NER, 1-turn cooldown)
  • Plasma Gun (65 Magic dmg + PER, 1-turn cooldown)
  • Personality Confusion/Taser Gun (Confusion for 45 Special dmg + Trait Disabled w/ 1-turn cooldown)

Battle Anology:

Warmaster Thalassa goes first and MegaFreezes AoE. Ingenica removes positive effects AoE then Singularis will put the countdown. Thalassa freezes again and boom, I won.

Epikart's Team

DISCLAIMER: My team sucks ass, tbh. It's a hard f2p, alternate-interest-filled life out there, but I get by nonetheless.

Krampus (Lvl. 100, 1 Speed 6, 2 Speed 5) 

Strategy: Fastest Denier I own, with reliable status effects all over the place, especially Freeze.

  • Brutal Verdict (40 Special dmg + Freeze, 2 CD)
  • Freezing Shadows (AoE 30 Dark dmg + Freeze, 3 CD)
  • Burning Gift (25 Special dmg + Burn + 2 Random Negative Effects, 3 CD)
  • Creepy Shadows (AoE 30 Dark dmg + Nightmares, 3 CD)
Holter's Bodyguard (Lvl. 100, 1 Life 6, 1 Speed 5, 1 Team Speed 6) 

Strategy: Good tanky Support with NER & PER. as well as reliable healing

  • Flash Damage (AoE 40 Metal dmg + PER + Reverse Healing, 1 CD)
  • All Terrain Restorer (Team 60% Heal, 2 CD)
  • All Terrain Protector (Team NER + 40% Heal, 2 CD)
  • High Ground (Team 50% Shield + Precision, 2 CD)
Mop (Lvl. 100, 1 Strength 6, 1 Strength 5, 1 Life 6) 

Strategy: Powerful Attacker with reliable tortures, high damage, and potential secondary tanking opportunities

  • Blunt Sword (AoE 30 Thunder dmg + 50% Stun + 50% Shock, 0 CD)
  • I Eats Me Spinach (Self Double Damage + Taunt + Double Life + 100% Damage Mirror, 3 CD)
  • Fiddlesticks (70 Thunder dmg + Daze, 1 CD)
  • Sinkin' In A Bathtub (30 Special dmg + Quicksand + AoE 30 Special dmg + Shock, 3 CD)

Pro Master66’s team

Clipeum: lv100, runes: 1 lv6 life(working on it ok!), 1 lv6 team speed, and last slot is locked but when unlocked will have a lv 9 team speed.


fortitudine(1cd mega taunt)

industria(50% chance of being ruby on one enemy)

lustitia(aoe sunburn)

humanitas(single ally NER and Stamina Regen+ self extra turn)

Hookuai: ur gonna hate me for this XD: lv 105 : 2 lv 6 strength, 1 level 6 team speed.


power of the peep(self buff skill)

deadly interruption


claw swipe(aoe 40 power special dmg and AoE Bleed)

Sunblast(idk why but best runes because I suck at the game :( ): lv 100: 1 lv 8 speed, 2 lv 6 speed.


stop its fire Time!(aoe CDA!)

cover the world in darkness(AoE Possession and stam drain 20%, but with Oblation staff it does 77 extra stam drain)

true power of pyrotechnic(AoE Guard down)

Dazzling fireshadow(stop it’s firetime on one enemy)


If there is no faster denier or 130 thalassa(I’m in Legendary IV league you know), then I either hit a single cda, AoE cda, or AoE possession and 20% stam drain(probably like 75% because Oblation staff), and then my hookuai self buffs to set up for a devastating attack. My clipeum NERs and extra turns, and then does mega taunt. Usually, it ends off with Hookuai doing claw swipe which decimates a lot of players. If not, then sunblast will keep denying, clipeum will keep supporting, and hookuai will keep obliterating. I’ve beaten 120 monsters with these 100 leveled monsters, so it proves that this team is very well LAYERED. Not too good, but the roles are very clear, which allows for me to do many different things to the enemy. I’m hoping to get a thalassa from her dungeon at r1, as I have enough to get the cryotan breath skill, and then, my team will probably be clipeum, hookuai, and thalassa. My defense team is really BAD. I have prince charmless, Ahran, and Ingenica, on defense. If u see my base, feel free to completely destroy it because it’s so bad. Prince charmless and Ingenica are good, but Ahran SUCKS. If I get thalassa, then it will be Sunblast, Prince charmless, and Ingenica on defense.

Quaggled's Team

My team relies on one factor only, and has many flaws, but I used it to quickly sweep through the Adventure map and dungeons. Very useful strategy.

Lord Pumpseed (Lvl. 105, Speed 7, Speed 7, Speed 8)

Strategy: Mainly used to apply AoE Bleed using Fear Itself.


  • Fear Itself (Single 3-Turn Death Countdown, AoE CDA + Bleed. Always used first!)
  • Danger Things (Unused)
  • Here Comes Treble (Unused)
  • Bad Dream House (Unused)
Warmaster Barbael (Lvl. 100, Speed 7, Speed 7, Speed 8)

Strategy: Only used for his trait, AoE Damage Increase on allies.


  • Expiate Sins (Unused)
  • Burning Redeem (Unused)
  • Trait Treaty (Unused)
  • Sightless Crowed (Unused)
Cain (Lvl. 100, Speed 6, Strength 7, Strength 7)

Strategy: The attacker that sweeps wave after wave on the Adventure Map. Comboed with the 50% Damage Increase trait from Barbael and the AoE Bleed by Lord Pumpseed, he can easily take down monster after monster. Isn't very useful against certain tanks, faster monsters, and monsters with Area Dodge due to the AoE Bleed unable to hit from Pumpseed. Still very useful in Dungeons.


  • Ancestral Bite (Used as a resort if one of the moves below doesn't manage to kill.)
  • Soul Rip (Extra Turn + Kill)
  • Quick Bite (Extra Turn + Kill)
  • Deadly Stigma (Extra Turn + Kill)

GermanK13's Quick Game Denier

Monsters: Itzanami, Talika and Jasastur

Relics and Runes:

  • Itzanami: 2 Level V Single Speed and a Level VII Single Speed
  • Jasastur: 2 Level V Single Speed and a Level VII Single Speed (Pestilence Trap)
  • Talika: 1 Level V Single Speed, 1 Level VIII Single Speed and a Level VII Team Speed (Protection Amulet/ Comeback Essence)


No Evasion/MegaTaunt:

Itzanami use AoE Trait Disable, then Jasastur uses AoE Possession. My enemies kill themselves and Itzanami use PER + Nanovírus and Talika use AoE Stun. Jasastur drain stamina and the team slowly kill the enemies.

If the enemy have Evasion/MegaTaunt:

Itzanami start with PER + Nanovírus, depending on chase, Talika use AoE Stun and Jasastur drain stamina or Jasastur AoE Posses and Talika do nothing. Cycle continues like above strategy.

Alternative version with Nishant's BD:

His runes:

  • Level V Single Speed, 1 Level IV Single Speed and a Level VII Team Speed

Just in case for I don't have how to use AoE Stun, she use his Team Evasion and the AoE Dark Weakness make his and Jasastur's damage a bit strongers, but I avoid use she because Talika have Team NER unlike Nishant's BD.


  • If my team doesn't have enough speed, they easily die, they are a fast (all in Top:Speed) but not enough for majory of newcomers.
  • This team is obviously not in curent meta (Mega Taunt, Dodge Area, etc.) so Legendary IV or above is not a good place to try to fight (but still a good team for rest of offline game like Adventure Map and Dungeons).
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