It's very hot in here, isn't it? This could be because: A) It's summer; B) Tephra is near; or C) Something is burning in your kitchen, call the firefighters!

Overview Edit

Tephra is ranked A in viability ranking. He does the job all fire monsters do....just damage. He can inflict huge amount of damage with Sticky Lava, which makes enemy very weak to fire. However he misses some points that can't get him into better ranks.


  • Sticky Lava
  • He has a great life
  • His power is not bad
  • His moves have low cooldowns and do serious damage


  • His speed and trait are bad
  • Weak to denial skills
  • Has no deny moves
  • He misses some immobilizing moves

Recommended Movesets Edit

Don't make me erupt!

  • Lavafall
  • Lava mist
  • Basalt agression / Basalt Poke
  • Magma avalanche
  • 2 power runes + 1 speed rune

Tephra only does damage and his sticky lava helps him being an other type of self boosting. Lavafall does solid damage to all and if followed with Lava mist it would be better. Basalt agression is your 0 cooldown move that does good damage while adding sticky lava .. Magma avalanche deals massive fire damage and can be more damaging with sticky lava

Counters Edit

Being weak to water attacks any good water attacker such as Lord Mammoth can perform well against him. Also possessing or freezing him is good too