The Warrior has been a lonely soul ever since he got lost from his friend Linus in the forest. He still waits for him there, hunting dangerous creatures to kill time. If you welcome him into your community, you’ll find that when you earn his trust, he’s supportive and inspiring.

Role: Attacker


Having been most likely left for dead by his "friend" Linus, he survived on his own waiting for his friend's return, but his training while fending for himself through the years weren't all for nothing, as he has a couple of good tricks up his... lack of sleeves. Those tricks mainly include shields, damage, and bleeding.


  • Good trait
  • Handy Special
  • Team 40% Shield + Team Damage Boost
  • AoE Destroy Shields absolutely vanquishes many monsters who use Shields as their best ability
  • AoE Bleed
  • Single ally 50% Shield and Double Damage
  • 50% Bleed + 50% Stun + 50% Blind move


  • High cooldowns
  • Bad stats
  • 4-Slot Syndrome (too many good moves to choose from)
  • Few AoE moves

Recommended Moveset


  • Brutal Javelins / Sharp Spears (AoE 45 Earth dmg + Shield Removal, 37s, 3 CD) / (AoE 35 Earth dmg + Bleed, 37s, 3 CD)
  • Enchanted Axe / Titanic Axe (65 Special dmg + 50% chance Bleed + 50% chance Stun + 50% chance Blind, 31s, 1CD) / (50 Special Dmg + Stun, 28s, 1CD)
  • Unbreakable Shields (Team 40% Shield + Damage Boost, 40s, 3CD)
  • Hard Shield (Ally 50% Shield + Double Damage, 27s, 3CD)

Recommended Runes: 1 Strength, 1 Health, 1 Team Speed; 2 Strength, 1 Health; 3 Strength


  • Good Dark attackers like Fenrir and Ixofex can easily take him down.
  • He cannot be stunned, but you can deny him using freeze and possession moves, so monsters like Krampus and Krugbo are strongly recommended too.
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