This sea horse is General Thetys's pet. She is unique as a general or as a water type monster or as a legend.


Thetys' pet is an amazing attacker of water type holding very good power and speed and high damaging skills. She has pretty low cooldowns and very high damaging skills. Also having a 50 AOE skill is not enough for her, she would not mind to boost herself or apply precision or even stun or freeze and refill stamina. So it's the same as General Darmith and General Nishant : attackers that boost their attacks.


  • Great stats and trait
  • Low cooldowns
  • Two denial skills
  • Self Double Damage skill


  • No special type skills
  • Low life

Recommended MovesetEdit

Water you looking at?:

  • Smashing Sea / Vitality Sea. (Smash for 60 Water dmg + Stun w/ 31 stamina, 1-turn CD, Vitality for 65 Water Damage and regains 50% stamina, 31s 1cd)
  • Precision Tornado (75 Water dmg + Precision w/ 31 stamina, 1-turn CD)
  • Damaging Sea (65 Water dmg + Double Damage w/ 31 stamina, 1-turn CD)
  • Water Vortex (AoE 50 Water dmg w/ 36 stamina, 4-turn CD)
  • 3 Power Runes; 2 Power 1 speed; 1 speed, 1 strength, 1 life; 2 strength 1 team speed

She is an attacker, and no need for a supporter to buff you since YOU can get precision from Precision Tornado to never miss a skill and Damaging Sea gives you double damage so it's good to use Water Vortex now because you own now a very good 50 base damage AOE that won't miss and will deal x2 damage. I would rather Smashing Sea since it stuns enemy so it's better than freeze against Cavenfish and almost all water type legends.


Thetys' Pet is having a trouble against Timerion for 1 turn so cooldowns activated is not very useful. VoltaiK and Exo Skeel all are good thunders to use. This monster is also walled by Water-type monsters immune to freeze such as Cavenfish.