Thundhare was the first exclusive monster, has awesome design, and that's it.

Overview Edit

There is no words to describe how horrible this monster is, back then since around, he was the first exclusive monster, everyone dreamed to getting him, you know what, he was a beast, but not as much as thorder, but still, he was a good monster back then; right now, he's just awful, first off, he has no high dealing skills, only moderate skills and debuffs isn't going to save him, and what more ruins it than a terrible horrible stats, this is a monster you wish you want to skip it, but in seriousness, it isn't worse than Nebotus, but wow, how can everyone screw up exclusive monster so badly...?


  • Little to no cooldowns
  • Good Design
  • Speed is ok
  • Great trait


  • Atrocious Skills
  • Awful Stats ( at least better stats than Lagerchaun )

Recommended Moveset Edit

  • Easter Cancelled
  • Rotten Egg
  • Poisonous Firegg
  • Eggspert
  • 2 Power Runes, 1 Speed / 3 Team Speed / 3 Gold

Here's the option; If you want to use this god awful monster only because you have no other good monsters, or you have no Electric monsters for Team Wars, go for 1 option, if your other WAYYYY better monsters have lower speed than foes' speed, just go for Team Speed, in general, go for Team Speed, like seriously, this will help your better monsters to outspeed the opponents to end things up, just seriously, just go for Gold Runes instead, he is just terrible in the real way, just breed 5 Thorders in Team Wars or just use this very weak monster in once in once and in once before he lays eggs, like rotten eggs instead. So basically, the skillset everything says all, that's why Easter Cancelled because how horrible this thing is.

Counter Edit

Excuse me, do you have any trouble to beat this thing? Sure, he may be strong, but seriously, how can you be dumb to at least use Earth Monster like Dragonian Beast or Rockantium? Any Earth can just stomp this monster, so why not use them both?

Island Offer Edit

Yes, he is in the 3rd island offer. The best use of him there is it's a free legendary habitat and gold. Do not get this monster, get Exo Skeel.