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Timerion is one of the first artifacts in History. It appeared mysteriously for the first time in Monster War II and to this day, no one understands where its strange time-bending skills came from.

Role: Denier/Support


Timerion used to be dangerous and versatile. He has some support skills, but they aren't your typical support skills. Instead of giving Damage Boost or healing his allies, he can give Skill Mirror, Space-Time, CDDA, etc. He is also the first CDA user, which is his core brand. He has a unique skill called Equalizer (reduces the target monster's life to the same life as Timerion's) too, and because of this skill, he is the most recommended monster against Adventure Map bosses, and is effective against tanks in general. Back in the day, his skills were very hard to deal with, but the meta began to evolve more and more. He has a lot of fatal flaws which, compared to other newer and better monsters, are causing him to become outdated. However, he is still a good option for beginners.


  • Two forms of denial (CDA and Time Stop)
  • Good support skills with Space-Time, Skill Mirror and CDDA
  • Great trait and relic slots
  • Equalizer makes the targeted monster have the same life as Timerion


  • Completely useless when allies are dead unless you get lucky with skill mirror
  • Garbage stats for a denier
  • High cooldowns and stamina costs
  • Outclassed by monsters that can do the same but better

Recommended Moveset

Expired Denier

  • Cooldowns Activated (AoE CDA, 55s, 4 CD)
  • Space-Time (Team Space Time, 32s, 3 CD)
  • Time Stop (Time Stop + Self Extra Turn, 36s, 2 CD)
  • Looped Damage / Cooldowns Deactivated (Looped for Team Skill Mirror, 32s, 3 CD) / (Deactivated for Team CDDA, 55s, 4 CD)

Recommended Runes: 3 Speed/Team Speed; 2 Team Speed, 1 Speed; 1 Team Speed, 2 Speed

Recommended Relics: Mr. Beast's Banner, Ingvar's Banner, Darmith's Banner ; Talany's Mask, Eeltron's Mask


  • Ingenica is the best counter to Timerion. She can apply Artifact Hater and Double Damage to an ally to do huge damage. She also has a Magic move to do even more damage. That Magic move also uses PER to get rid of Timerion’s positive effects like Skill Mirror and Space Time. She also has Trait Disable to remove his pesky trait.
  • Magic attackers like Gelotron and LazarBeam can deal heavy Magic damage to Timerion.
  • Al Canine, Sunblast, Mountezuma, Dungeon Master or any other fast monster with CDA can activate Timerion's cooldowns.
  • Captain Copperbeard, Positron, Zorgon and any other CDDA user can counter Timerion's CDA; Zorgon in particular has CDDA, Mechanical Hater and an Extra Turn in one move, and that's clearly fatal for Timerion.
  • Madam Fusion, iMigbo, Wasper, and any other monster with Trait Disable can disable his Artifact trait.
  • Mega Taunt monsters, like Hyperia or Mephisto can easily absorb the CDA from Timerion and protect their allies.
  • Since Timerion has really high stamina costs, Stamina Drainers that don't rely on DoTs for removing stamina, like Jasastur or Nabuline, can prevent Timerion from using his high stamina costing skills.
  • The Baroness, Qinling, Warmaster Sherezar and any other Cooldown Protection users are recommended too since they aren't affected by CDA. The latter two are great since they can apply it at the start of the battle.
  • Attackers with 0 CD moves like Ugluk, Hookuai, and Sting Westclaw, will outright ruin his gimmicks. The former two are exceptional as they have Control Immunity to resist his Time Stop move.

Fun Facts

  • Timerion was created by Kronx.