Honorable Mentions

The evil Egyptian king who is based off the pharaoh Amenhotep I. He can inflict many status effects, including an AoE Daze, Blind, and Damage Reduction in a single move! He can also use Stun and the rare Plague status effect in his Special skill respectively. However, he has bad stats and some outdated skills, and most of his effects only have a 50% chance of landing, which is what's holding him back from Top 10.

The demonic goat who has a lot of effects in his arsenal. He can give a random control effect to an enemy with 2 CD and remove all positive effects from all enemies with 0 CD! He can even remove all negative effects from all his allies with 1 CD. However, all of his negative status effects are random and other than his Speed, his stats are severely lacking.

The master of the Skeel army. He has a lot of skills that inflict random effects, such as a Team Random Positive Effect and AoE 2x Random Negative Effects, which is pretty good for such an old monster. He can also Stun and Possess the opponent. Unfortunately, he has bad stats, and relies too much on random negative effects, with his only guaranteed damaging status effect being Burn.

The colossal beast with a deadly eye. Although he is a tank, he is also good at cursing his enemies with his eye by using Total Blind on them, with torture effects like Poison and Quicksand. At the same time, he also protects his allies with Taunt and Double Life. However, he is slow and vulnerable to many effects.

The panda wizard who cosplays as Gandalf. He has a few Control effects in his moveset, like Stun and Possession, but the main reason why he’s here because of his AoE PER + Two Random Status Effects. He even has some self healing moves making him even more viable. Sadly, he has horrible stats and the only guaranteed effect he has other than his control effects is Stamina Leak.

This fire toad is usually used as more of an attacker, but he’ll work just fine as a curser. He has access to 4 different torture effects, and a bit of denial in stun. He has great stats, a great trait, and can work fine as a curser if you need one.

This guy is a great curser. He features a few nice tricks up his sleaves, especially the single PER blind damage redcuction and its AoE counterpart. He also stars both burn and ignite in one AoE move, which leads to massive DoT damage.

Top Cursers

  1. Draghar (SS)
  2. Hornet (OP-)
  3. Lord Pumpseed (OP)
  4. Grakon (OP)
  5. O'Reilly (SS)
  6. Gualgui (SS-)
  7. Saulot (SS-)
  8. Warmaster Barbael (S+)
  9. Nisael (OP-)
  10. Nadiel the Pyromancer (S+)

10) Nadiel the Pyromancer: The Nature Nemesis, who can apply many annoying effects like Total Damage Reduction and Guard Down, while also dealing immense AoE Fire damage with Burn and Ignite to reduce his opponents' life to dust. His trait makes him harder to control due to status effects being 30% less accurate against him.

9) Nisael: The long-lost brother of Samael finally appeared in ML. Although he is a support, but he is also a very versatile Curser, with his moves cost low cooldowns and filled with PER , meaning that he can keep remove every postive effects his enemies apply, while also pressure them with things like 3-Turn Death Countdown, Daze, and Life Drain. A very good monster overall, and a decent curser, putting him at 9th spot on this list.

8) Warmaster Barbael: Barbatos' demon brother. He has one of the best speed stats in the game, and can also disable traits, use Total Blind, and apply Sunburn and Ignite to all enemies. All this while dealing massive damage thanks to his trait, which gives his allies Damage Boost, combined with his high damage moves.

7) Saulot: The owner of Mephisto. He has access to 6 different torture effects, along with some possession moves. He has great stats, a good trait, and access to his own special status caster, AoE Ignite. Overall, a great curser.

6) Gualgui: The newest member of Copperbeard's Crew takes this spot, due to her high speed, access to seven different torture effects, and ability to activate the cooldowns of her enemies to make them experience a slow and painful death. Her lack of PER and Trait Disable, or any effects other than tortures, prevent her from being higher in the tier, but she is still an good, all-rounded Curser.

5) O'Reilly: The boss of the Dungeon has this seat in fourth place with great stats, amazing Dodge Area, which if he got a Taunt tank around, he is virtually untouchable. And he got some stuffs behind his beard, his ability to PER before dmg, with things like Random Effects, Poison, Bleed, and Stun, to hinder his enemies.

4) Grakon: Drekk's annoying brother certainly gets this spot. He is amazingly fast, had awesome trait, and can torture his enemies with his arsenal of DoTs like Bleed, Burn, Poison and Curse, while controlling them with Stun and CDA. And he can also PER, Trait Disable to prevent them from getting any advantage. With his move arsenal, he can functions as both a denier and a curser. His access to Uriel's Essence makes him much more threatening.Surely, this Elite dragon is one of the best monsters that everyone need to get their hand on.

3) Lord Pumpseed: Pumpseed is an amazing denier, one of the best in the game, along with Grakon, and is also a pretty good curser. Pumpseed, in addition to having great denial skills, trait, and stats, has some pretty good cursing power. He has TD, Burn, Ignite, Bleed, and Death Countdown in his ideal R5 moveset, all of which are good, and make him a good curser in addition to being an insane denier.

2) Hornet: Hornet gets this spot, as he has one of the best speed stats in the game, posesses an amazing trait, and his ability to Life Drain his opponents, while also put in with PER, Nanovirus, Guard Down and several other annoying negative effects that will cripple his enemies, such as Shock and Total Blind. And that is not all, he can support his allies with NER, Control Immunity, Torture Immunity and PEP. He is the one Curser that definitely make you an unstoppable force to be reckon with.

1) Draghar: The white dragon and ally of Zeighar, who has a high amount of DoTs and great stats. His trait is also quite nice, with a free torture SC that also has an accuracy debuffs, as well as hardened. He also has a Magic skill despite being a Light monster, and also has other tricks up his wings, like Team 25% Heal and Life Regen, AoE Daze + Trait Disabled, Single PER + Trait Disabled + Stun, and AoE Nightmares and Bleeding. With great moves like the ones he has, he can work as a fantastic curser, as well as being able to support and deny. Although Draghar may not be as good as Hornet, Nisael, or Grakon overall, as a curser he is the best there is. Definitely a very versatile monster and a great monster to use in a team.

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