Honorable Mentions

The Nature Warmaster. She is a support and like other Warmasters, she has great stats and a great trait (her presence in battle increases the Total Life of her allies by 50%!) That's a big advantage have to (especially with tanks) and her status caster gives her team Torture Immunity for 3 turns! Her skills include NER and Botanophobic Shields that blocks all elemental damage except for Nature. She can also apply Nature and Special Weakness to boost her allies' damage, Damage Mirror to her allies and give them an extra turn + Precision after removing their negative effects. These skills make her a great ally for tanks.

The Light Nemesis and Ingvar's sister. She is the best version of Llum and for good reason. She has a great trait, well-rounded stats, and holds a number of effects for her allies which include NER, PER, team heal, Team Double Damage, and Precision, Stam regen. She can also do a form of deny via Stun.

The two options for water support. Area dodge and some PER, NER allowed Frosilka to be used in team wars, while Frazerot was slightly improved version. Fraze has a similar overview, though he can grant immunities to torture and control as well as some denial options with Freeze. Also great speed. Neither has threatened to become meta but great for tough restricts when a water monster is needed for support.

They are the inferior versions of Llum the Magical Matriarch even though they still have decent stats, good traits and many gimmicks that the Magical Matriarch has. This includes NER, Team Heal, Damage Boost, Double Damage, and Precision.

The Queen of the Undead that resides in the land of the living. She helps her allies with many effects like Life Regen, NER, and a turn transfer with Double Damage while also hindering her enemies with PER, Blind and Random Effects. Despite that she has outdated stats, a very situational trait and is vulnerable to control effects.

The magnificent artifact created by Nabuline. Its stats are awesome, a pretty good trait, packs lots of support moves that come in handy like PER and NER in one move, random protection effects, and Area Dodge to his allies. It also has skills that are strong against tanks such as 50% Life Drain and multiple Torture effects, making him an excellent Metal monster.

A once fragile creature that was weaponized by General Holter, and one of the best monsters you can get from the Team Shop. His best supports come in the form of team Shields, Precision, NER, and heals. However, he has a bit of a speed problem, he's almost worthless alone, and his cooldowns make him decent.

This hybrid creature of bird, butterfly, and lion is one of the best Fire Supports in the game. It has an astounding speed stat, good trait, and many useful skills and effects, such as NER, Control Immunity, 50% Damage Protection, and Hydrophobic Shield. However, she is susceptible to PER, Nanovirus, and Anticipation, which can counter her several extra turn moves.

Grumpex's cool and lazy brother, who proves to be more useful than he looks in the battle with good stats, decent trait and and a handful of support moves that helps his allies when in a pinch with a 50% Heal and Stamina Recharge, CDDA, Damage Boost, and a turn transfer that comes with self-Double Damage. He also has an amazing Special with a full-team Extra Turn, Damage Boost, NER, and a 100% Stamina Regain. Oh, and remember that self-Double Damage move? This move goes very, very well with his brother Grumpex, who can give himself Skill Mirror and claim Double Damage for himself as well.

Quixote's loyal sabertoothed steed, who provides his allies with NER, Double Damage, and a turn transfer with NER, PER, and CDDA, while applying PER and Daze to his enemies to keep them at bay. He is a good support for any attacker, but lacks in speed, and is very vulnerable to any control effect.

The humble blacksmith of King Daeron. His stats are very high (expected for a Warmaster) and his trait is downright busted with team Special Immunity and Skill Mirror. Remtar has a wide variety of helpful moves ranging from high damaging moves to Shields, Control Immunity, Damage Boost, Precision, and Anticipation. Unfortunately, unlike most powerful supports, he doesn't have access to NER or team healing (both of which are very important for a support) but he still remains a very great choice.

The lead singer/screamer in Metalhead's band. You know you've got it good when you see her resurrection move that has a mere 3 turn cooldown, and it only gets better from there. Metalisha is fittingly as fast as a rock song, and is packing some dangerous tools, such as a team Double Damage + Control Effect Removal, single ally Triple Damage + Control Effect Removal, AoE Burn, single target Ignite, a turn transfer with a 50% stamina regain, and an amazing Special that removes control effects from Warmaster Remntar.

The shaman of the orc tribe. Warspellz is a decent dark support packing some truly menacing effects for his allies such as Triple Damage, 2-Turn Evasion, PER, Damage Protection, and Anticipation. Combine this with great speed, and you have the ingredients for an extremely useful team member...if, of course, his best moves didn't come with giving a chance of instant death, and if Nanovirus didn't cripple him thanks to his lack of NER.

This apprentice of Kihaku has some pretty good support skills. This includes aoe NER and evasion, single PER and aoe PER in the same move, and some tortures. Her trait is one of the best in the game, with ITC, anticipation, and pierce. Her stats are also good. She is not quite good enough to be in the top 10, but close. Her tortures can be NERed easily, and other than the evasion and PER moves, she doesn’t have anything else too spectacular, with only tortures and weaknesses. Her torture move also only have a 50% chance to land.

The creator of Relics and the first monster to have Trait Disabled. She is versatile due to her being able to apply Trait Disabled and PER to her opponents to hinder them. She is also able to provide NER, Damage Boost, and Artifact Hater. Fantastic team speed holder and rare example of ageing well in the current meta.

Top Supports

  1. Warmaster Ragnarok (OP) and Wyrmlad (OP)
  2. Hornet (OP)
  3. Nisael (OP-)
  4. Wickah (OP-)
  5. Madam Fusion (SS+)
  6. Warmaster Elvira (SS+)
  7. Akunobuki (SS+)
  8. Neobuki (SS+)
  9. Nikasia (SS+)
  10. Samael the Plague Carrier (SS) and Samael the Fever Scatterer (SS)

10. Samael the Plague Carrier and Samael the Fever Scatterer: Two of the three Dark Nemesis monsters. Packing a variety of effects such as several Torture effects, PER, NER, team heals, turn transfers, damage boosts, and two resurrection moves. He can do a lot. Both versions are amazing options for your team if you can get the money to buy them.

9. Nikasia: An Area Dodge cat lady that comes from the Saika and Kassia family. Her trait made her meta and is the most polarizing monster in the discussion boards. She looks a bit underwhelming on paper, as her cooldowns hurt and she isn't a traditional support. She has access to 2 PER and NER moves and a damage boost, which certainly puts her in the discussion, but her ability to waste enemy turns coupled with her infamous Resurrection block is why she managed to take over high ladder attack teams. Until a more viable rez blocker comes along... she will remain in the meta. A new monster named after Epikart will eventually be introduced and wipe her out though

8. Neobuki: The hologram that is somehow able to battle effectively. What really pops out about Neobuki is her extreme versatility. She is primarily a support with effects like Control Immunity, Evasion, and NER, but with her good stats all around, she's completely capable of dealing big damage with Double Damage, Extra Turns, and high-power moves, as well as tanking with Taunt, Regeneration, and Torture Immunity. She can practically do anything that doesn't involve denial, so pick her up if you're missing any key component in your team.

7. Akunobuki: A legendary released in the midst of mythics, who performs quite well in the meta. Akunobuki has a great trait (PEP), which pairs very well with positive effects, good stats, and a ton of good moves, including self MT and aoe skill mirror, team regen, aoe PER, and much more. Akunobuki can perform well as serveral different roles, such as support, attacker, and tank. With her large amount of great skills, and overall good attributes, Akunobuki is one of the best legendary supports.

6. Warmaster Elvira: The Light Warmaster. She is here due to her phenomenal trait which gives her allies Evasion at the start of the battle, and her ability to support her allies with Photophobic Shield, Team NER, Healing, Damage Boost, and Precision. Basically- Elvira and Wldbird had busted the top ladder on offense at one. Pretty much unstoppable. Elvira has become much better than she was before mythics came out, due to mythics not having much PER, so Elvira's trait can be very useful against them.

5. Madam Fusion: Voltaik's right-hand woman. She is without a doubt one of the better supports in the game. She has an amazing trait that gives her Evasion and Positive Effect Protection at the start of the battle, a high speed stat of 3,553, and is the master of PER and Trait Disable due to her ability to cycle through them over and over again with her extra turns and low cooldowns until the enemies are completely crippled, then turn transfer to her allies to finish them off. She can provide some pretty damn good supports other than that as well, such as 50% Stamina Regain + Stamina Regen, CDA Protection, Blind Immunity, and of course, NER.

4. Wickah: The beginning of the nature element comeback and our Nature Forsaken monster. Wickah is a true Support monster with almost all of the elements that encompass that role. Not only does she pack Trait Disable, PER, NER, Damage Boosts, Heals, immunity to control and tortures, she combines them in single moves. Her trait is also top shelf as an Area Dodge, tough and true vision along with some area Poison. The devs kept her from being completely busted by giving her high cooldowns and making it tough to rank due to forsaken. If you do rank her... worth every effort.

3. Nisael: Samael's resurrected brother. Has a huge arsenal of support moves and the most overwhelming resurrection skill in game, with necromatic army which is team resurrection plus evasion plus damage boost as well as single ally resurrection skill. He tons of single and team PER, NER, Damage boost, stamina regeneration, evasion, Guard down and GD hater plus a mess of sub denial moves that reduce accuracy. Crazy trait, including anticipation- which on a support monster like this is almost cheating. Forsaken status sucks but even unranked- he is awesome.

2. Hornet: The cold-blooded villain and Faraday's ally. He is very fast with a monstrous speed stat and an amazing trait (Hardened, Dodge Area, SC: Anticipation). He is a menace to face with his diverse, annoying moveset and effects like Total Blind, Nanovirus, PER, and Guard Down to hinder his opponents. His support skills are incredibly useful, providing allies with NER and protecting his allies with Control Immunity, Torture Immunity and Positive Effects Protected making him a great support/curser hybrid.

Number 1 goes to these two:

1. Warmaster Ragnarok: The Warmaster with no element. He has great stats, a great trait, and amazing skills including but not limited to, Control Immunity, Skill Mirror, Damage Mirror, Life Regeneration and the ultimate rebound move: No More Failures; it can grant himself or any ally, NER + 100% Life and Stamina Regain and an Extra Turn. Oh what's that? Do you have the enemy down to 5,000 health and Mega Possessed? Well, too bad Ragnarok can just use No More Failures and steal your victory. And let's talk about that Special, it's almost unstoppable; it applies NER + Double Damage + Evasion + PEP to his entire team. Overall, he is a must-have on any team.

1. Wyrmlad: The Dragon Knight and Drakor's friend. Wyrmlad is an easy taker for this spot on the list thanks to him having a little bit of everything. His trait is absolutely phenomenal being Dodge Area and Celestial. He has great stats and has a metric shit ton of status effects to throw around such as healing, Evasion, NER, PER twice, Sunburn, Curse, Damage Reduction, and easily his best skill, a 1% Ressurection with Regeneration, Evasion, and PEP, ensuring almost absolutely that the revived ally will get a turn in. It's fitting that he was made from the ground-up by fans, because Wyrmlad is the single best support you could ever have.

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