Toy Master is a spoiled little brat who loves to mess around. He loves to inflict random status effects combined with assured ones.


Toy Master is a very underrated monster. Most people just dislike him because he got a bad trait, not an amazing design and Magic-type only attacks. But in reality, this monster can actually inflict deadly status effects. Especially a freeze inducing move, which may help him against opposing Magic-type monsters not named Reptie Most of his moves inflict a specific status effect along with a random one to a single target. That is both good and bad. Good because he can stun AND freeze, which is amazing. But also bad because these moves aren't AOE moves. Even if he does get some AOE moves, they don't serve him as his main purpose and one of them is pretty useless considering it only spreads nightmares, which is not a very powerful status effect. Still, Toy Master shouldn't be underestimated, especially with that great speed and variety in his moves.


  • Great variety in his status effects
  • He can both stun and freeze, which is very rare
  • Very high speed
  • Can spread damage reduction and daze to all foes


  • Power is a bit low
  • Because he got only Magic-type moves, he gets walled by opposing Magic-types easily
  • Bad trait

Recommended MovesetEdit

Just a prank, bro!

  • War Machine Toy
  • Bollixed
  • Mindblown
  • Joke Balloons
  • 3 Speed Runes; 2 Speed Runes, 1 Power Rune

Toy Master got a great variety in his moves and that is what makes him good. His first three moves all inflict a status effect and also a random one to a single target. War Machine Toy inflicts stun and Bollixed inflicts freeze, so you want both. Mindblown is prefered over Poisoned Toy Pistol as the first inflicts bleeding, which no one excepted Timerion is immune to, while the second inflicts poison, which most Nature-type monsters are immune to. Joke Balloons is your best AOE move as it gives both damage reduction and daze to everyone, effectively reducing power by 50% and accuracy by 25%, which is pretty darn good if you ask me.


Reptie and Pixelion can both take care of Toy Master by tanking his moves very well and being able to avoid being frozen for Reptie and stunned for Pixelion. In return, Reptie can stun Toy Master and Pixelion can freeze him. Nature-types do generally well against Toy Master, especially attacking ones much like The Judgement and Cyan Natura. Toy Master's bad trait makes him immune to no status effect, so spreading some of them, especially stun, freeze and possession is very helpful.