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What's a Trait?

All monsters have one Trait, which will help them in battle by giving them an immunity to one or multiple negative status effects like Burn or Freeze, or by giving them an advantage against monsters of a certain book (like Winged) or monsters suffering from a Torture effect (talking about Bleed Hater here). These traits can also help them when attacked by giving them stamina (like Super Attuned)... etc. There are plenty of different types of Traits: here they all are.


These Traits give Immunity to a certain negative status effect. They can be of different kinds:

Torture Immunities

Control Immunities

  • Stun Immunity - Gives Immunity to Stun and MegaStun
  • Freeze Immunity - Gives Immunity to Freeze and MegaFreeze
  • Possession Immunity - Gives Immunity to regular Possession
  • Control Immunity - Gives Immunity to all kinds of Control

Other Immunities

Special Immunities

  • Mountain - Gives Immunity to Stun and Freeze
  • Abomination - Gives Immunity to all kinds of Possession, Bleed and Nightmares
  • Gravedigger - Gives Immunity to all kinds of Possession and Nightmares
  • Celestial - Gives Immunity to Stun, MegaStun and Bleed
  • Demon - All status effects have 20% less accuracy against this monster + Burn and Ignite Immunity
  • Artifact- Immune to all status effects, even positive (except instant effects like Heal or instant Stamina Regen)
  • Spirit- Immune to all negative status effects but can still receive positive effects

Hater Traits

These traits give Triple Damage against monsters of a certain book, trait, etc.

Book Hater Traits

  • Spirit Hater - Gives Triple Damage against monsters of the Spirit book
  • Mechanical Hater - Gives Triple Damage against monsters of the Mechanical book

Trait Hater Traits

  • Artifact Hater - Gives Triple Damage against monsters with the Artifact trait

Status Effect Hater Traits

  • Bleed Hater - Gives Triple Damage against monsters that have the Bleed negative status effect.

Warmaster Traits

These traits are exclusive to Warmaster monsters, they all are different but have one common point: they give a special trait to the Warmaster and another Trait to the rest of the team.

  • Warmaster Barbael's Trait: Self Tough + Team Damage Increase
  • Warmaster Zahra's Trait: Self Tough and Team 50% life increase. Status Caster : Torture Immunity (3T)
  • Warmaster Thalassa's Trait: Self Tough + Team Freeze / Mega Freeze Immunity + Status Caster: team Double Maximum Stamina
  • Warmaster Gortak's Trait: Self Control Immunity and Team Stun / Mega Stun Immunity
  • Warmaster Babari's Trait: Self Tough + Team Torture Immunity + Status Caster - Team 100% Damage Mirror
  • Warmaster Necromancer's Trait: Self Tough and Anticipation + Team Regular and Exclusive Possession Immunity
  • Warmaster Elvira's Trait: Self Tough + Team Blind Immunity + Status Caster (1T) - Team Evasion
  • Warmaster Sherezar's Trait: Self Tough + Team True Vision + Status Caster (3T) - Team Cooldown Protection
  • Warmaster Remntar's Trait: Self Tough + Team Special Immunity + Status Caster - Team Skill Mirror
  • Warmaster Ragnarok's Trait : Self Hardened + Anticipation + True Vision + Random Warmaster Status Caster

Status Casters

The Status Caster, or SC, is a special type of Trait. It gives a temporary advantage to your team (or a disadvantage to the enemy) at the start of the game for the first few turns.

  • All the Warmaster Status Casters (you can see them just up)
  • Area Dodge - All AOE Attacks will miss on this monster
  • MegaTaunt - Applies MegaTaunt for three turns.
  • AOE Ignite - Applies Ignite to all enemies at the start of battle

Other Traits

  • Attuned - Regains 15 Stamina Points when hit by Weak attacks
  • Super Attuned - Regains 50 Stamina Points when hit by Weak attacks
  • Energized - Has 20% more Stamina
  • Hardened - All status effects have 20% less accuracy against this monster
  • Orc - All status effects have 25% less accuracy against this monster
  • Tough - All status effects have 35% less accuracy against this monster
  • Bulwark - All status effects have 50% less accuracy against this monster
  • Anticipation - Gets a turn before a monster performs a skill with extra turn.
  • Taunt - All enemies attack are directly hit at the monster that has this trait.
  • Resurrection Block - The enemy cannot be resurrected until the monster with this Trait is dead.
  • True Vision - Double Precision

Trait Viability Ranking

Here, all the Traits - and Status Casters- in the game are ranked from F (Failure) to OP (Game-Breaking!)







  • Mountain



  • Regular Possession Immunity
  • Gravedigger


  • Freeze Immunity
  • Stun Immunity
  • SC: AOE Ignite (Saulot)


  • Tough


  • All Hater Traits
  • Resurrection Block


  • Demon
  • Orc


  • Super Attuned
  • Hardened


  • Blind Immunity
  • Instant Death Immunity


  • Burn Immunity
  • Energized


  • Nightmares Immunity
  • Poison Immunity
  • Bleed Immunity


  • Daze Immunity
  • Attuned


  • Magnetize Immunity
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