Trilops belongs to an extinct species, but some scientists found his fossil and brought him back to life. After training him in battle, he is now tough, agile and ready to fight.



  • Good trait
  • Nice stats
  • Team 40% Shield
  • Multiple Stun moves
  • Mostly low cooldowns.
  • Breedable (Irockman + Gridiron).
  • 45 Special Dmg + Stun w/ no cooldown move.


  • The only stuff Trilops can do is shields and Stun. That's it. Period. Not even his Special is much different, being just an AoE Stun.
  • Seriously, a massive lack of variety...
  • No AoE Stun (Not including his Special).
  • Inferior to General Atum in nearly every way. (Yeah... Spend war coins and stop complaining.)

Recommended MovesetEdit

  • Pack Mentality/Primitive Rush (Mentality for Team AoE 40% Shield w/ 29s, 3-turn cooldown/Rush for 40 AoE Earth damage w/ 36s, 3-turn cooldown.)
  • Survival Instinct (55 Earth dmg + Team AoE 40% Shield w/ 30s, 3-turn cooldown)
  • Jurassic Slash (60 Special dmg + Stun w/ 31s, 2-turn cooldown)
  • Primordial Punch/Predatorial Rage (Punch for 50 Special dmg + Stun w/ 28s, 1-turn cooldown/Rage for 45 Special damage + Stun w/ 28s, No cooldown.)

Recommended Runes: 1 Strength, 1 Health, 1 Team Speed