Uria's Pet is a Thunder spirit covered in solid metal armor. He is forever loyal, always following his master's commands without questions. He is a true war dog!

Role: Attacker


Uria's Pet, the loyal hound of General Uria himself. He has subpar moves and his only status effect is Daze. If you are desperate for a Thunder legendary, then Uria's Pet is your monster. He is outclassed by most Thunder attackers now, so there are better monsters to spend your war coins on.


  • Great trait
  • Heavy-hitting moves
  • Daze
  • Can do residual damage, similar to VoltaiK


  • Awful life
  • Mediocre power and speed
  • High cooldowns
  • Only inflicts Daze
  • Can't increase damage output
  • Few AoE moves
  • Boring Special: only AoE 75 Thunder dmg

Recommended Moveset

Zap Doggo

  • Electric Fulmination (65 Thunder dmg + residual damage to other enemies, 28s, 3 CD)
  • Dynamic Thunderbolt (75 Special dmg + residual damage to other enemies, 28s, 3 CD)
  • Electric Rumble (60 Thunder dmg + Daze, 31s, 2 CD)
  • Outburst Teleport (70 Special dmg, 28s, 2 CD)

Recommended Runes: 1 Strength, 2 Team Speed; 2 Strength, 1 Team Speed


  • Earth attackers, such as Gregorz of Lyria, can easily defeat this doggo.
  • CDA monsters, like Patient Cyber, can activate his high cooldowns.
  • Mega Taunt monsters, like Dunn Ra, can absorb all the residual damage he does.
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