When the wearer dies, it is revived with 14,175 - 44,395 points of Life.


Uriel's Essence is one of the Diamond essences in the game. It is very useful due to its ability to revive an ally, and with certain monsters, you can potentially make a comeback with it when you are at a disadvantage.


  • Can revive an ally
  • Can easily change the tide of the battle
  • Can be crafted


  • Because no extra turn is given, the monster could just be killed again before they do anything
  • Effect can only be triggered once

Recommended Monsters

  • As seen in lots of competitive games, Wyrmlad is a major user of this relic. When holding it, he can come back to life when killed and continue using his amazing skills.
  • Ugluk and Hookuai are also very good for this relic, as they can come back in the battle and devastate with their powerful 0 stamina and/or 0 CD moves.
  • Lonradh is a great user too, as he can ressurect and bring his team back to life
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