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28/09/2019: Created the Team Composition Help page: here you will find nice advice on what team you should pick for your attack in the arena!

28/08/2019: The Monster Legends Ranking Council Election Page and Monster Legends Admin Election Page have been created - here you can apply for being on the Ranking Council or being an Admin!

05/07/2019: - Currently creating pages for each Trait in Monster Legends :) Abomination, Hardened, Orc and Celestial pages added!

12/06/2019 : For now, I'm just going to random articles, fixing grammar errors and correcting general stuff until I get new ideas for special pages. Feel free to PM me if you have ideas for new articles :)


Hullo. Random Monster Legends fan. Head admin and bureaucrat in the Monster Legends Competitive Wikia. Creator of the Monster Legends Epic Guide, and the Monster Legends Common Guide.

On MLCW, don’t expect me to create much monster articles, I’m not that kind of contributor. I prefer creating helpful or original (rarely both 😅) articles to help this great wiki grow on more aspects than just monster advice. For example, I created the Advice and Guidelines for Article Creation and Editing page, the Elements page and nine pages for each element, and the Forgotten Monsters Forum (but don’t expect that last one to actually help you in the game 🙃).

If you need to contact me for whatever obscure reason, please do so and I won’t reply 😇

Yours truly,


Here's a complete list of all stuff I created:

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and that's it for now!

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