aka Apple pie

  • I live in Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
  • I was born on January 1
  • My occupation is none
  • I am A Communist

Info Edit

Hello, I am Applepie, if you havn't noticed, i can't spell and have horrible grammar, but the reason i am on the wiki is because i want to help others progress more in the game, since i think i have bassic knowlegde about it, also i just got elected as admin on MLCW.

Well if you havn't noticed, I am leaving the wiki, unlike other people, I am not leaving the wiki because it't bad or anything, you can read the reason for my departure on my last(mabye) blog post, and goodbye.

Progress in the game Edit

  • Level 103 player
  • Around 6000 in trophies
  • Around 60000 mp
  • Has 311/670 monsters
  • Has played the game for 4 years.
  • Soldier in the team Brains Of MLCW, the official team of MLCW

PVP teams Edit


  • Korrael brutalis: level 120 1 life and 2 ts
  • Warmaster Ragnarok: level 105 1 strength, 1 speed, and 1 life
  • Wyrmad: level 115 3 speed


  • Xiron the ruby: level 115, 3 speed
  • Warmaster Elvira: level 100, 3 team strength
  • Neobuki: level 130 2 strength 1 team speed

Extra info Edit

  • I am a cunt and a retard according to someone really nice, *cough* guil *cough* at least his banned
  • Hope peoples can actually be nice on the ml viability ranking, not calling others for cunt or retard.
  • Thinks no one is above the law, peoples in charge should not use their power which is given to them to use for there personal interest(Cough Guil, Mariannne Cough)
  • Pls don't mess with my profile.
  • F2W.
  • I can't spell and have bad grammar.
  • Pls, go away if you love either son-cookie, bright, anton ancorne and the prisoner.
  • Also, go away if you have Zahra as your profile pic on discord, cause you are biased, abuse your power, ugly and tell lies.
  • Hate son cookie, bright, anton ancorne and the prisoner
  • Imagine loving son-cookie, bright, anton ancorne and the prisoner
  • Thinks Voltaik, Kihaku and Nikasia are underrated
  • Nebotus and laugerchuan are the best and Thalassa is bad
  • Hates Bolsonaro and Trump
  • Communism is best ideology
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