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  • I live in my home
  • My occupation is the leader of Clan Nemesis, House of Crossroads, and the Yveltal Warriors
  • I am the deadliest man/robot/dark soul in golden armor alive

Bio Edit

Hello, I'm Black Destruction 92 AKA YveltalWarrior or Master Y. I edit this wiki when MangoStarco isn't around. My biggest contributions include, the Igursus page and the Monster Idea Forums. Besides Monster Legends, I play Minecraft and TF2 on my PC and Destiny on my Ps4. My name is YveltalWarrior/yveltalwarrior in those three games. I also play Heroes of the Storm and Starcraft as MasterY. My ML name is Black Destruction 92. My Discord is YveltalWarrior#9770 so, send me a friend invite if you want to chat with me about stuff. As time passes, I will update my profile. See you in the Nexus, keep on jamming, peace out, whatever. Bye!

Favorite Stuff Edit

  • Favorite IRL Bladed Weapon: Tie between Katana and Falchion
  • Favorite Food: Bacon (sorry Jews)
  • Favorite Heroes of the Storm Hero: Again a tie between Diablo (he's a FUCKING DEMON I LOVE HIM!!!!) and Dehaka (because, why not?)
  • Favorite Destiny Weapon: Necrochasm (I can't complete the raid for it though because I have no friends to play with *sniff* NO I'M NOT CRYING!!!!)
  • Favorite Movie: Avengers: Infinity War (What? You STILL didn't watch it?)
  • Favorite Gun: M4A1. No, I do not play Fortnite and IT'S NOT EVEN IN FORTNITE!!!!!
  • Favorite Pokemon: Yveltal (Why do you think I also go by YveltalWarrior?)
  • Favorite Fallen House: House of Wolves (Sorry I had to kill you Skolas *sniff* NO I DON'T CRY!!!!!!!!)
  • Favorite Country: America (It's like the Void but with more freedom, shotguns, and walls.)
  • Favorite Wiki: This one.
  • Favorite Number: 92 (No, it's not actually 21 also, that's a dead meme. Secondly, no, it's not actually 69 and, if you think that, you're perverted.)
  • Favorite Monster Legends Monster: Igursus (Mine is lvl. 120 and has 2 life VI runes and 1 attack V rune.)

Stuff I Hate Edit

  • Hackster (I CAN NEVER BEAT HIM!!!!!!!!!)
  • Timerion (Read my comment on the Timerion page and find out why.)
  • Fortnite (People are too obsessed with it.)
  • Uganda Knuckles (HE IS FUCKING DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • Math (I'm bad at it)
  • Cold Showers (I hate those about as much as I hate proper nouns.)
  • Proper Nouns (JUST USE PRONOUNS DAMMIT!!!!!!!!)
  • The Zerg Rush (Look it up if you don't know what it is.)
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