aka Nathus

  • I live in Brazil
  • I was born on December 1
  • My occupation is A player and also someone who draws.
  • I am a NB trans dude
Mighty ravendark

The demon came back, honey.


>You have stumbled upon a NEW MONSTER! Woah, gee! The golden interrogation points crumble like

powder as you fight him.

>His name is NATHUS...

>...Elements? Dark, this is everything that can be seen or even be possible...a MYTHIC too. Controller...incredible speed...yet puny life!

His HP reaches zero...from the earn 500K EXP and an item. "Leatherspike Berrante". Hmmm...wonder what that does. How can it even be used nowadays though? Huh.

Not-Playing-Around Introduction

I'm Nath. 16. Massive fanboy of the Metalband monsters. I draw things on the MLCW discord. Would post them here but this isn't much like Deviantart where I just can spam my art.

My top 10 favourite monsters are:

  • Keithor
  • Glamhead
  • Metalhead
  • Metalbeat
  • Roxen Cox
  • Metalisha
  • Zorgon
  • Legion
  • Famperium

I'm also writing a ML fanfic, which'll come in many parts in the future. Come check it out here!

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