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  • I live in Parangaba, Fortaleza, Ceará, Brasil, América do Sul, Continente Americano, Planeta Terra, Sistema Solar, Espaço, Via Lactea, Universo
  • I was born on August 16
  • My occupation is Porra nenhuma
  • I am Buneco de pano
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Ningyō need to say: † ℍ α т' § คℓℓ ιи чσนя нэα໓


Weird brazilian guy that loves Monster Legends, The Simpsons, Fairly OddParents, SpingeBill and Flipline Studios Games.

Who is Ningyō?

In a lot of idea forums, you can see the name of Ningyō! But who is she? She is my best friend and she made all the lores, bios, etc. from all monsters I put in this wikia. Btw, she have some mental disturbs (PPD, for example), so, some histories are kinda strange, so I always make some edits.

My Monster Legends' Life

I start to play Monster Legends in FaceBook in 2015 with my counsin. But it was hard to grow in game (if you played ML in FB, you will understand what I'm talking about).

Some time later, I got my first cellphone, in 2017. But I don't played ML in phone (I think because I don't even know that was possible).

In 2018 I finally downloaded ML, and since of that year, I has 3 or 4 accounts. Now in my recent account, I'm in level 86 and have the most caution for don't lose this too.

Useless things:



The best day in earth

3/7/2020 - Tortoise typed for 15 minutes without stop

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