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  • I live in the Milky Way Galaxy
  • I was born on March 14
  • My occupation is Playing Monster Legends
  • I am A human being

My oh my! What has brought you to this wasteland? Whatever it is, it has to be for some here’s my profile....I guess:

This hasn’t been updated in 3 months, but not much has changed(sarcasm).

I’m in the RC(Ranking Council), and if you don’t know this yet, we rank the monsters on the Viability Rankingand the Legendary Viability Ranking. Basically, before I got here, there was drama with Guil. Big drama. Then there was drama between TastyCake and Epikart. A lot of it was caused by me. Oh yeah, and I was one vote away from being voted no for the RC, so there’s that.

So, about the whole Cat(Fox?) thing. It was all my fault. Let me explain this as basically as I can. It all started when she was released. During this time, I thought she sucked horribly and she deserved S rank. However, about a month later, in December, I had seen top player profiles, videos, and began to really study her in the meta. I concluded that she was a good monster and she should be in SS- because she was so useful with DA+Taunt and Rez block being great as Nisael, Ragnarok, and Wyrmlad linger a lot in the meta. I then comment this in like 2-3 places. Epikart and I had a small debate on it, with me demonstrating all my points. We continue this for 2 months, but that’s the long span. In between, I witness that Epik seemed to hate the cat ever more increasingly. I didn’t notice this. I kept on making my arguments for the cat and telling Epik that she was actually good. Look, I know you might say otherwise, but from my standpoint, this was all just a debate, nothing else. From my point, Epik and I were debating like regular people would on the wiki, and he had a bit of temper tantrum mixed in, but I didn’t care, honestly. Discord had something else in store for me. I witnessed that Tasty and Epik hated each other purely. Tasty had been bullied bad by Guil, most of the RC, some other people I won’t mention, and, well, me. I called him TastyWeirdo, TastyYedra, and TastyBoomer. I didn’t know Tasty would get bullied or that he didn’t like jokes, or anything. I thought it was just a joke, a light joke. Nah. 30 minutes of intense immaturity pass as I eventually change my opinions finding out about everything Tasty had experienced. Before this, for like 5 minutes, I told Tasty some really bad things that made him feel worse, and, well, since this is the topic, so had Epik. Eventually, after hearing these horrible acts, I apologized a lot to Tasty, since I had added to the fire that was built by some people somewhat bullying Tasty. Epik didn’t apologize. He said their hatred was so dark that he couldn’t apologize. Now, this might not be my fault, but as I previously stated before, I added to the fire. Tasty used the cat as an excuse to fight with Epik. He said once that he wanted her in SS just to spite Epik(he recently denied this accusation, but it’s somewhere, trust me). I breeded some of the worst anger on the wiki. However, as bad as that was, Epik had almost the same amount of anger towards me. I don’t blame him. From his viewpoint, I was a stupid little kid that didn’t know anything and thought the cat was good and just deliberately made him angry. I still didn’t think I was in the wrong at all until one day Epik voiced his opinion to me. He mentioned that the cat for him was like how the flower meme(ask Shadow, Yoshi, or any other RC member there during Guil’s time for more info on that) was for Tasty. I stopped. I still had my opinions, but I sorta stopped, just throwing in the occasional opinion. Just before this, another stupid discord incident had happened. They were talking about the cat again, and I jumped in, adding to the fire. This was now my second time where an admin threatened to mute me. I didn’t care. I kept throwing flames until I was ordered to stop. This, I admit, was a time where I did a lot of wrong, and I am sorry for this. Most of the cat arguments ceased after Epik told me what he told me, but the damage had deep scars. He dmed me some really personal info that many of you know, so it really isn’t that personal. Ask him what it is, because I wont tell you. This, this is what opened up my eyes. I was ready to give the guy a million sorries. Anyway, most of this had stopped. I asked Epik if he severely disliked me or hated me, and he said no. He asked me what I thought of him, and at the time I told him he might’ve been a little immature, but he wasn’t a monster and I didn’t view him badly. However, I don’t believe he didn’t dislike me. I have a feeling he hated(hates?) me, but I’m fine with that. I deserve it. He left the council afterwards because of other drama I won’t speak of, but yeah. This is basically the drama that has occurred because of my presence on this site. I believe I have changed and I won’t ever do this again to a person, but say what you will. This is an online place.

Other info: I am level 86, and in the team Brains Of MLCW with people like Mythical, Shadow, Epik, WookieThere, and Azure. Have 1500 MP? Can you do 3.5k in race? 4/5(8/10) attacks in war? Donate cells? Join! My profile is The Pro Master btw.

My 2 discord accounts are Pro Gaimer#4955 and Pro#2953, but really, my name on discord is Pro Bruhster. I use the second account more. Feel free to friend me!

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