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Blaz.png Welcome to my page

Hi Monster Master! I'm a dude who just likes to hang around this wiki. I'm also currently learning CSS. Feel free to leave me a message if you have any questions!


Note: These are all the corrupteds + ranked cosmics I have, more coming soon

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Blaz.png Unbeatable Team

As you may know, my goal here is to make a team, under no circumstances, can be beaten. Here's the closest I've ever gotten:

The Dooo.png
The Dooo

Here's how it works: The Dooo can go first and either clear MT and trait disable or straight up TD. Mirak can either try single denying a AD monster or AOE deny. Letalis applies death countdown and stun, and the entire enemy team loses a turn. The Dooo can choose to team buff or try applying tortures in case of AD. Letalis AOE freezes and Mirak does CDDA on herself. Another turn is lost. If AD is still present, Letalis can single deny and death countdown and you can repeat the process with single target denials. Mirak now uses her AOE total blind + nanovirus and the game is set.

Counters: The best counter for this is AD. during the freeze denial the AD monster gets a turn in and can OKHO the team.

IMPORTANT INFO: I no longer play ml, so this data might be outdated.

Attack/Defense team

Attack team
Lady Meow.png
Lady Meow
Sensei Pandaken.png
Sensei Pandaken

My attack team really doesn't use a strategy at all, as I'm working on building a better team. Sensei Pandaken is meant to be the fastest monster on the field, and denies with a AOE stun + possession. Meow goes next and AOE's, starts her UA chain, and decimates. Oli can single deny if needed or self-sustain. Not elegant, and nowhere near perfect, but it works for me.

Defense team
The Dooo.png
The Dooo

My defense team strat might seem weird, but it relies on a couple of strategies simultaneously. Wing Su's Dodge area is reinforced by Cryocrawler's taunt, which helps Wing become untouchable. The Dooo provides support in NER, PER to help wing deal with Spekthra, DMG boost to increase wing's output, and TD to help cryocrawler deny effectively. Cryo is currently running a triple life setup, but I'm working on building a triple TS setup with life mutated to further enhance denials. Wing is running triple strength, as the Dooo needs to outspeed her to set her up, she needs max DMG, and she's untouchable with DA and taunt, anyways. I'm working on getting aniwickiah, to help somewhat chain deny, reinforce DA + taunt, and for triple dmg.

About me

Well, if you scrolled down this far, I bet you're pretty bored, huh? well, I'd better tell you about myself. I joined this wiki in the middle of december 2020, and got admin on May 8th, 2021. I started learning CSS in april, and overhauled my profile, adding some fancy text, and accidentally started a trend on the wiki with fancy fonts, and the like. I'm pretty active on the wiki, an dmy time zone is EST, so if you ask me a question from 8:00 EST to 3:00 EST, chances are it'll get answered pretty quickly. I mainly edit the wiki on mobile, and occasionally PC, if I need to add a photo or the like. I'm not very active on discord, but I do check it at least once a day, so messages won't go unanswered. My nickname comes from a VERY long story from about 4 years ago, and I'd rather not type the entire thing out right now, so if you want to know, then just ask. I'm also an expert in profile designing and page-building, along with my buddy,User:Rubellus, and User: Wggfitz, who I also helped with page building. I work with User: CanadianCrayon on the MLCW guide to the meta, although it's more like one of us reverting the other's edits, and occassionally help User: GermanK13 with MLCW daily, although it's more of his thing than mine. I mostly play destiny (Bungie sunsetted the sun, huh?) and Rocket league (Flip reset go brrrr), along with minecraft (Bedrock sucks).

Favorite blog Posts (links coming soon)
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