Hi everyone, it's Applepie0127s goodbye message, this text won’t criticize any wiki members or the RC like some other goodbye messages, since i am quite happy with the current situation

I am the newest and 5th admin on the wiki, if you don’t know, i just got elected a week ago., i will like to resign as admin only after a week of me being elected and leave this wiki(maybe temporarily) . Even though i have fought for admin for a long time now, i will still resign, so i am sincerely sorry for the admins who voted. Well the reason I leave is because I am quite busy in real life in the current situation, and I am quite bored of the game. So i will still play the game but stop on the site.

After one and a half year on the site, tbh I am quite happy with the current situation of the site, with Alphas reform of the site, and the RC being created, the main reason I came to the site is cause how bad the rankings were, and i wanted to change them, but after one and a half years, now i actually agrees with most of the ranks. Also guil got banned lead to less toxicity and end of a tyrant. Since my arrival at the wiki, I've been disliked, first from fwecklez(can’t remember his name already) and than Kokichi Nayashi, both who were extremely active here before, but they actually respected people(unlike guil) and later by the infamous guil who turned the wiki completely against me, until him getting banned, and after that i got elected admin, 3 month before, i lost the election completely, and now without him on the wiki i somehow won, and I've already contacted Yoshijr to remove my admin role.

And at the end i would like to thank everyone here who has been nice to me, and all of the contributors to the wiki. And i would also like to do an advertisement for my team, contact technopat on discord for infos about the team Brains Of MLCW. It is unlikely I will come back here, back there is a chance in the future(but nowhere as active) 

So goodbye i guess? Good luck to the wiki, hope it will get more accepted on the main discord servers, thanks to all of the admins, council members and Yoshijr; the burrecrat  

To my team members of Brains Of MLCW: I won't leave the game, and will still try to reach the requirements the team had set upped, will still be in the discord of the team, but won’t be as active so don’t expect me in live battles.

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