The purpose of this post is to detail different ideas for PVP teams and explain how they would function. I'm a huge competitive nut when it comes to ML, and as such, dedicate a lot of free time to researching and building different sets that I think could compete against the meta. This will be the first post in a series of posts reviewing sets that I come up with while doing research into different monsters. While I may be able to test out some of these sets, I may not have the monsters to test every single one I come up with, so bear with me, as I may talk hypotheticals for a lot of these ideas. If you have any ideas for sets, please post them down below. I'd love to take a look at them. Please remember this is all speculation, so if you have any criticisms, please be constructive. Keep in mind that this is my first blog post of this kind and there are some things I might miss or some counters I've never encountered/ thought of. Thanks!

The first set I will review is one that I have been using, to much success, throughout this last PVP season. This set runs Santerion, Demise, and the recently introduced Cyberiel, and has been a very solid team for me this season. My aim is to describe how each monster fits into the team, and why I chose these monsters, explaining how the strategy works and what aspects need to be considered with this team.  


Sant is an incredibly solid tank and the beatstick of this team. He plays a very vital role in keeping the other members alive so they can wreak havoc. If you ever use this set, you'll notice very quickly that once Santerion goes down, the battle will become exponentially more difficult. Sant's main goal is to keep Demise alive for as long as possible, and MT+ team 35% heal is wonderful for this, which is why I chose Santerion specifically. Sant also has the secondary role of combating anticipation, which I will explain further down. Though not necessary, Sant can also cast negative effects on the other team and protections on your own, making him the best choice for this team. 

At rank 1 he has access to the mega-taunt trait, meaning that his mega-taunt can no longer be removed using a simple PER. What this means is that, paired with his self-sustaining moves, he can outlive and outtank some of the best attackers out there, which is essential to the success of this set. My Santerion is only r0, meaning I haven't yet been able to test out the full potential of this set, though I'm sure that access to the mega-taunt trait will only bolster the success of this team. 

Runes: 2 Life, 1 Team Speed / 3 life (Tank Runeset)


Gee, I wonder why anyone would pick a mythic attacker?

Cyber hits hard and fast due to her inflated stats. Fill her up on strength runes and she'll be able to one-shot nearly anything in the meta. Honestly, she's interchangeable with almost any heavy hitter out there, I just chose her because she has a stupid high attack stat and I just happened to have her. Even though she can easily one-shot a ton of monsters out there, you can switch her out for any other heavy hitting attacker, like a Rag or Hook if you need anticipation, or even a Rekka or Charmless if you're feeling adventurous. The world is your oyster

If everything goes according to plan, Cyber won't even need her Metal weakness move to be effective. Her role is basically "instant win button", and with Demise's setup, she'll be nearly unstoppable, all you have to do is nuke them with AOE once the time is right. Santerion protects her from negative effects for as long as his mega-taunt is up, meaning that you won't have to worry about negative effects for the most part. 

Runes: 2 Strength, 1 Team Speed / 3 Strength (Attacker Runeset)


Demise is truly the linchpin of this whole strategy. I chose Demise because I couldn't think of any other monsters that are faster than her who have a double damage+ally extra turn move. Her speed stat is good enough as it is anyways, since she's fast enough to outspeed a lot of meta monsters (especially with speed runes), and is aided by Santerion taking all the hits. Being the backbone of the team, she has the most roles out of the three members. Her primary role is to use her Strength From Beyond move to Turn transfer+ 2x Damage Cyberiel. You're probably asking yourself "why doesn't he just use a normal 2x damage move instead of a turn transfer one?" The reason is that turn transferring means Cyber goes directly after Demise, leaving no chance for the 2x Damage to be PER'd unless you have pierce+anticipation (looking at you Rociuko). Normally turn-transferring means death by Hookuai, but because Sant should still be on the field if everything goes smoothly, there's no risk of getting your ass slapped by the likes of Raggy and Hook.

Demise also shoulders the role of a standard support, that is, NERing and PERing. She can do this pretty effectively (though admittedly, she's not the best of the best at it). She's a direct counter to Trait Disable, PERing any pesky TD's that may hit Sant and applying Damage Boost on top of that. She's basically just a run of the mill support in this aspect, only there to do the vanilla support job so don't expect any bells and whistles in that regard. 

Runes: 3 Speed (Denier Runeset)

The point of this team is to whip out Strength From Beyond as fast as possible and use Cyber's AOE to OHKO or THKO the opponent. I wouldn't recommend going past Demise's third turn since the strategy becomes shaky once Santerion's dead, which usually happens at around that point. 


  • Watch out for LazarBeam, he's built to counter Santerion and will take him out in one hit in most cases. The only way to defend against this would be to outspeed LazarBeam and take him out as quickly as possible, which is easier said than done since he's probably being run alongside a megataunt monster. Just try to avoid him, I don't see him used much in the meta anyways, so it shouldn't be that hard. 
  • Like I said earlier, Rociuko has the potential to ruin the whole gimmick. Her Pierce+Anticipation trait paired with AOE PER will likely remove your 2x damage. When facing Rociuko, try to use Strength From Beyond when her PER move's in cooldown. Sant might need to work overtime in this case as you wait for Demise's next turn, which could be your downfall.
  • Speedy extra-turners can ruin your day, and are very similar to LazarBeam in that they can take out Sant easily if you're not careful. The only difference is that they don't just stop at Sant. Due to a lack of anticipation, once they penetrate your defenses, they usually go on to kill Demise, and then Cyber. I'd avoid them completely, or face teams where you're sure you'll be able to take the ET monster out quickly. 
  • Mythics (Usually more than one) can take Santerion out super easily, and since this team is somewhat slow, mythics can potentially stack turns onto you before you can get a single one. Be careful when facing these teams, since this set has no form of denial besides Sant's daze and isn't the fastest. 
  • Mirak, Mephisto, Elvira, or any other monster that can apply phobic shields or other protections can potentially stall you out, since Demise will have to waste a turn PERing the protections, or even two if it's Protection caster+MT monster. I wouldn't attempt to go after a protection caster if they're paired with a good attacker. 
  • Wyrmlad can be problematic and should be taken out as soon as possible. Masterwork armor can deny you while he riddles you with tortures, and his Area Dodge costs at least a turn to get around, more if he's paired with a taunt monster and his rez move can cause you to lose a battle. Sant should be able to take care of Wyrm's attacks well enough, but Wyrm can become an issue if the battle drags on for too long if he's run with any cursing moves (which is common). 
  • Ugluk is a tank destroyer, what else can I say?

Welp, that's my review for this set. I'll try to add to it as this information becomes more and more outdated. Please let me know what you thought of this team, what you would add to make it better, or any counters you think I missed. Thanks for reading!

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