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Debate Topics

Hookuai Vs. Ugluk

So, let’s start out with damage, just pure damage. I think Hookaui should win this one because he has higher power AoE’s, Power of the Deep, and an elemental advantage against Fire with his 70 dmg 0s 0 CD move Deadly Interruption. He wins this round, but not by that much, because he has the advantage of not relying as much on Tortures than Ugluk does to deal damage. Now, we go into stats. Ugluk wins here, but not by much. Better Speed and Power, but Hookaui is slightly more tanky, but barley. Now we move into trait. Hookaui wins here, since having anticipation as a trait is essential in the meta. Ugluk still has a good trait though, it’s just that Hookaui trait is better. Now deny doesn’t matter to much here. Attackers don’t really need to deny, but it’s still nice. Hookaui wins here, as CDA is probably better than Mega Stun in most cases. Now we move into the costs of their moves. Ugluk wins this one, but only because he has 3 0s 0 CD moves, where as Hookaui only has one. Now we move into self buffs. Hookaui also wins this one, but only because his Self Buff move has PEP, which is essential in today’s meta. Although you can counter it, it’s way harder than if you were going to PER once on Ugluk if he sets up Battering Lizard.

So, I tallied up the tallies, and here are the results:

Hookaui: 4

Ugluk: 2

It was close, but Hookaui won, however that does not mean Hookaui is significantly better than Ugluk, but rather microscopically close to each other. It really depends on your preference, but Hookaui is ever so slightly the better pick most of the time.

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