These are the 5 best traits at Rank 5

5: Wyrmlad I believe this spot belongs to Wyrmlad for his excellent trait. The trait dodge area plus celestial is a great combo as he won't get hit by any AOE moves so running him with a taut or megataunt monster spells out trouble for the opposite team expecially because the can't to AOE or you'll dodge them and they can't single target because of the taunt monster.

4:Urtikus I choose Urtikus for this spot mostly because his Control Immunity makes it so that he cannot be controlled in anyway execpt CDA, TDR, Total Blind. He also has anticipation countering extra-turners like Rekka and Voltaik which can be deadly without anticipation and he also counter deniers like Thundeer who TD the enemy and then give themselves an extra turn he could counter them when they do such moves or monsters who CDA one monster give themselves an extra turn and CDA the rest of them like Grakon he also had Bleed Immunity which is not great but you still have it.

3:Nikasia I mainly chose Nikasia for this spot because she has res block countering great monsters like Nisael and Wyrmlad from resing their dead allies. She also has the highly coveted DA trait which makes it so that deniers who deny AOE like WM Sherezar and Grakon with his No Rest for the Wicked skill can't touch her with those skills. She also has freeze which is great because she at least has a chance against WM Thalassa with an anticipation monster like WM Ragnarok slighty helping against WM Thalassa.

2:Santerion This man is insane at Rank 5 having the artifact trait as well as the Megataunt trait not the Status caster but the actual trait which means that in order to reach his allies you would either have to baby him to bypass, kill him, or disable his trait. His humongous life stat combined with the fact that he applies damage reduction at the start of the battle makes defeating him with an AOE impossible at least for a few turns. You could baby him but that would mean using Kronx who is not as good as other deniers like Grakon or Thundeer. The only other way is the trait diable him but only a couple monsters can trait disable and deny some examples are WM Thalassa, Thundeer with extra turn moves, or Grakon with his R4 skill. This makes a R5 Santerion so dangerous and hard to counter.

1:Lord Pumpseed Oh boy are you guys gonna hate me for this pick but I believe he has the best trait in the game because first of all he has permanent True Vision making it so that he never misses he also applies minor blind to all enemies at the start of the battle which is great because it makes the opponents waste a turn NERing themselves and if they don't NER there is a good chance they will miss. An example of this is an Hornet lets say in the turn order the Hornet goes first bet because of the minor blind he would have to do Satu Hati and then you would go and deny then your allies then the other team recharging or NERing themselves whch would make it your turn again. He also has Gravedigger which in my opinion is a spectacular trait because if there was a monster like Pierceid on the other team not only would be resistant to her Team Death countdown but you would also be resistant to her possesion moves making her useless against you another example is Korruptus who as AOE corrupted and AOE mega corrupted which would not deny Lord Pumpseed and in order to deny him you would need to use your TD plus extra turn move would would trigger your anticipation monster who would wipe out or immobize the Korruptus. His trait also resists death countdowns as I mentioned earlier so monsters who do that like Nisael, Morgz, Pierceid are all useless against him and none of them have TD making them not too effective against Lord Pumpseed. Now you might be saying what if the megataunt monster on the other team soaks up the minor blind well this mostly does not happen in my case because most teams I fight are either Wyrmlad, WM Ragnarok, and WM Thalassa, or Wyrmlad, Armor Claw, Ragnarok making them get affected by the minor blind.

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