First Somethings about Me

What I think this place is like in word is Unique.

I've been here a long time heck one of the first comments on the viabilty ranking is mine.

I have been blocked for putting rubbish in zombic but I am a new man now .

I do play ML and do not like Mythics I am level 81 in the team Brains of MLCW so feel free to friend me.

My favorite monsters are Draghar, Lord Pumpseed, and Ugluk. 

The Members Who have been Omnipresent in My Journey 

  • Shadowstorm48: Has helped me and from what I have seen many people in many ways from simple mistakes to overhaulung pages he has also done much for this community mostly good.
  • Yoshijr: I feel like you are the biggest brain here and you were kind of toxic/singleminded at first but now your great and now your a Bureaucrat which is a huge step ahead from what you were
  • Fallblade: You're the guy who has the most edits on this wiki which is excellent and you do answer questions of fellow fandom users which is great as well I feel like you and Yoshijr should share power because of what you do for this wiki everyday
  • SomeAzureMinesGuy: I really feel like you are very misunderstood because of many reasons. The biggest factors for this happening are the facts that you used to be very toxic I mean look back at your comments and you will see what I mean the other huge reason is the Guil saga whcih als tarnished your reputation even more but I genuinely believe you are trying to make it all up and be nicer and wiser.
  • Tastycaik: You are more or less just existing not too nice but you get the job done. From what I have observed you do explain to people what something is or how it works like why Voltaik is bad and things of those nature. I often see you getting into such debates with Epikart which to explain things but do mostly spiral out of control
  • Epikart: Well you are the kind of the toxic helper guys and what I mean by this is you answer everyones question but when it gets to point that you and Tastycaik are argueing it becomes very uncomfortable and you become toxic. But nervertheless you are a great person who can achieve much even though a couple months back Guil was contaminating his entire world with many abuses of his power.
  • WIP Feel free to comment on what you think about what I have wrote so far Thanks for taking time out to read this.
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