Remember that post Williamw6547 made? The PvP usage data one? Well, new seasons means new usage. So I wanted to compile the latest season's usage data and tally up what monsters were getting the most usage all the way down to the little guys who may have had one person using them. This is going to be data taken from the Top 100 players to make it as accurate to the season as possible, and I do wanna try to make one of these for every season so as to keep everyone in the loop. As the PaH Season 1 is nearing its end and it is the final day of the season, I figured it'd be good to compile this data at this exact time.

So let's just jump right into it,

The Heavys

This is the compilation of all the monsters that saw 50 or more players using them. These monsters tend to be the huge powerhouses of the game that are getting so much usage for good reasons, simply because they DOMINATE the meta.

Cyberiel - 67 users


Wyrmlad - 65 users


Warmaster Ragnarok - 65 users

Warmaster Ragnarok

Grakon - 55 users


The Toughies

This is the compilation of all the monsters that saw 30 to 49 players using them. These monsters, while not as amazing and destructive as the Heavys, tend to dominate most matches and are still capable of smashing up the meta. That or they're underused simply because players don't have access to them.

Arumel - 35 users


Santerion - 34 users


Warmaster Thalassa - 34 users

Warmaster Thalassa

Eisul - 33 users


Nisael - 32 users


The Mids

This is a compilation of all the monsters that saw 10 to 29 players using them. Just because I labelled the list "Mids" does NOT mean they are middling or bad by any means. It just means not every player was able to fit one on their teams or that the monster just didn't suit their strategy. Mids are still used by a sizable portion of the top 100 so they have a good proper place in the meta for that.

Lord Pumpseed - 21 users

Lord Pumpseed

Hornet - 20 users


Nikasia - 16 users


Warmaster Elvira - 14 users

Warmaster Elvira

Froma - 13 users


Katufo - 12 users


Korruptus - 11 users


The Diamonds in the Rough

This is a compilation of all the monsters that saw 2 to 9 players using them. These monsters don't tend to fit on most teams, but seeing some players using them and successfully making it to the Top 100 is impressive enough and for sure allows for these mons to have a somewhat proper place in the meta.

Madam Fusion - 9 users

Madam Fusion

Wildbird - 7 users


Lamia - 7 users


Hookuai - 6 users


Ugluk - 4 users


Dunn Ra - 4 users

Dunn Ra

Thundeer - 3 users


Koralle Brutalis - 3 users

Koralle Brutalis

Armor Claw - 2 users

Armor Claw

Warmaster Remntar - 2 users

Warmaster Remntar

Mephisto - 2 users


Warmaster Sherezar 2 users

Warmaster Sherezar

The Stragglers

This is a compilation of all the monsters that saw one player using them. These monsters tend to specifically fit on a team thanks to a specific strategy someone may have in mind, or they could very well just be a placeholder for another mon. Only a very small select few of these monsters that I have found in the Top 100 players' teams didn't have any relics, but they all were runed up properly which is why I am including them on the list. Also it is incredibly impressive to see the users of these monsters get so high in the rankings with these monsters on their teams in the first place, so they do hold a special place in the meta for that accomplishment alone.

Warmaster Gortak 

Warmaster Gortak









General Atum

General Atum



Warmaster Babari

Warmaster Babari


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