1. Abyss Bottom, Warmaster Thalassa: No explanation needed.

2. St George's Apprentice, Wyrmlad. Ok, ok, I know this will get a ton of criticism, but I personally believe Wyrmlad's Rez Skill deserves the title of 2nd best skill in the game, despite the amount of counters that there are for the skill. However, for conventional monsters, deniers, cursers, and other monsters, it's virtually impossible for them to get to the monster Wyrmlad revives, which is basically the whole point of a rez skill, right? Anyway, I know a lot of you will be saying that the skill really isn't as good, and is countered by a lot of monsters, but name at least 5 monsters that don't have pierce(pierce basically counters anything, so it really doesn't count)that can counter Wyrmlad's rez.

3. Fuse Radar, Draghar/The Honking, Lord Pumpseed

Simply, incredible. Fuse Radar and The Honking are essentially the same. They both PER+trait disable+deny. I guess Draghar's has a slight advantage since it deals damage and possesses a better denial in stun, although the honking has the additional burn. However, Fuse radar isn't better enough to be a spot higher than the honking. So, why would these skills be this high up? Well, if you're not a Neobuki/Wildbird with evasion/immunities to these denials, a monster with PEP and evasion, or a Crabbydroid that can dodge the denial 35% of the time, just like abyss Bottom, the enemy hit will guaranteed get denied, which is amazing! Another controversial skill to put this high, but aren't all these skills controversial?

4. Not a Prank, LazarBeam/No Rest for the Wicked, Grakon

Perhaps the most controversial pick in this entire list, we have Not A Prank, and No Rest For The Wicked. They are pretty different skills. First, we have Not A Prank. This is PER+Trait Disable+ 80 magic dmg. Do I really need to explain why this is incredible? Essentially it's a beta version of the honking and Fuse Radar. It just has no denial. If it did, it'd be an insane skill. The skill itself is rare for an attacker to have, but it's a great skill to combine with any of Lazar's other skills like magic challenge and the magic weakness hater+triple dmg. Now onto the real controversial skill: No Rest For The Wicked. Now, this skill is definitely top 20, I don't know who wouldn't put this on a top 20, but at 4? Let me explain why this skill is so high up. The biggest peeve with this skill is that it can't deal with DA monters do to it being AoE trait disable+stun+poison. It can't deal with DA monsters because it doesn't TD them, and this is Grakon's only TD skill. If I was to be basing this list on the monster's overall skillset, No Rest For The Wicked wouldn't be this high, nor would it be the best skill Grakon has access to. However, since I'm not, I'll just highlight how incredible this skill is. If the monster doesn't have DA, or evasion, or skill mirror, they're done. The whole match they're going to be denied by Grakon. It TDs whatever they have, and denies them. If It had PER, it'd be 3rd place, but that's too much to ask. Anyway, the skill has ever present flaws and whatnot, but it's an incredible skill. Now that I think of it, I might move the skill down on the list since it might be too high, but for now, it stays at 4.

5. Deadly Interruption, Hookuai/Siege Finisher, Ugluk/Thorn Shot, Urtikus/Over 1,000 Balloons!, LazarBeam/Indegfatigable assassin, Makugan

You know, before this entry I was going to list 20 skills, so this was going to be #7, but since this entry has so many skills, I'm going to list 20 entries. Anyway, so why are these skills so high up? Well, the fact that they all deal over 45 dmg and cost 0 stamina as well as 0 cooldown is just incredible. I know you might say only Siege Finisher and Deadly Interruption belong here as they deal 70 dmg, while Thorn shot and over 1,000 balloons are 60, and Assassin is 50 dmg. Yeah, yeah, dmg should probably separate them, but all the skills have essentially the same concept. It doesn't matter that much if one deals more damage than the other, because they're all pretty much the same. Even If they get CDAed or stamina drained,these monsters are able to spam these heavy-hitting hits, simple. They are awesome skills, and they deserve to be on the list.


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