DISCLAIMER: This is not some sob story on why I'm leaving, instead, I'll be explaining my experience here, the game in general, my "mutuals" and how they treated me and I to them, and the wiki.

Damn where to start. 🤔 Alright, so I, TastyCaik aka TastyCake aka Tasty aka Cake aka Caik, am done with this shit. The game, the community, the wiki, all of it. There’s a lot of stuff I got to say before I leave, so here it is.

The Game Itself

When I originally started playing many years ago, it was aight but I got bored, I come back to Elites, Nemesis, and Warmasters, so yeah it was very exclusive but somewhat doable. But then they just haaaaaad to make Forsakens, that ruined a lot of the game for me but I barely clinged on. Then Mythics. Yeah that was enough to kick me off the cliff. A former good game turned into Dragon City 2.

The Wiki

It was okay I guess. When I first came here it was a dumpster fire however, with anyone being able to change the ranks and the ranks for them were pretty poop. Xiron and Mephisto in OP huh? Aight bro. Anyways there’s not really much to say about the wiki itself, it’s decent not garbage, although war lovers would disagree.

The Community

Imma be honest here, the community sucks ass, like for real the second worst community I’ve ever been in. Smash is still #1, they’re too much of pricks to even explain in words. The ML fandom in general are rude for no reason, a bunch of crybabies when their favorite monster isn’t as high as they want them too, get mad at different opinions, sarcastic, mock people, just plain dumb, and even insult you for just using a certain monster. I’m not gonna act like I’ve never been an ass and no jackstorm, the Urtikus argument wasn’t toxic. Old me was exceptionally a prick beyond belief, examples are when I told a person to never type again because he said he didn't know why Thalassa was bruh why did I even go there? Or when I would constantly shit on Applepie unjustly. But at least I changed, a shame this fanbase can’t. Not to say every person here sucks or something like that because there are a few who are aight, but most of the community in general are just obnoxious assholes that raise my blood pressure.

My “Mutuals” in RC

As a “respected” member of the Ranking Club, Ill let you guys in on how oh so very fun it was being around them.

AlphaOmega496 : We have not interacted, once. Even when we were both on he never spoke to me. Hell, I don’t think he even knows who I am. So there’s not much to say there. What I want from you is: Nothing, you've done enough for this wiki.

PKACun- I mean Guil : Since I got nothing to lose, I’ll just say it: He should of been aborted. Guil was, terrible. Just downright disgusting. He, and for no reason at all may I tell you, suddenly treated me like garbage despite me never once being rude to him, thought I could consider him a “friend”. That’s why I get for trusting people from Monster Legends. He would randomly come at me saying shit like I’m an idiot, annoying, saying I should of been kicked out of RC. *Shadowstorm did the same thing as well, he was a big Guil follower*. Guil would abuse his power, kicking people out and muting just because he felt like it and calling people retarded for little reason. He also is the leader of the HateTastyArmy and the beginning of the Guil saga. Will discuss more on him later. To name some more kind things he’s done to me are: Had a emote specifically made to call me dumb, thought it was funny when I left the server, muted me so I couldnt say anything while the dipshits of discord kept making fun of me, constantly saying that he didn’t care about me, my opinions, or me wanting to leave the server, told me and others to shut the fuck up because he was having a temper tantrum, and would constantly try to find a reason for people to start making fun of me, even said he wanted to bully me more. Oh and kicked me out of the server. Oh oh and called me retarded, degenerate, and the iconic flower fucker, and would keep changing my name to flower fucker. Everyone except yoshi just laughed along with him, like the fucking sheep you are. What I want from you is: Never come back. This wiki doesn't need your tyranny.

Yoshijr : He was aight. Nothing really happened between me and him for I to become bitter. He was the only one who at least noticed that I wasn’t being treated fairly and just wasn’t a dick tbh. Most of the community could learn from him. What I want from you is: Never change.

Kyrem13 : He was aight but used the no brain tasty emote, instantly making him not as good as yoshi (This was a joke btw). Mostly just posted memes and whatnot, also one of the smartest members in the council. What I want from you is: Uh oh, stinky. Poop haha funni poopie lalalalalala.

Fallblade : I barely know you, we’ve hardly spoken tbh. You're more like an edit bot than an actual person, do disrespect tho. If you weren't around, bad grammar would reign supreme. What I want from you is: Nothing tbh.

WDLegendary : Also one of the mostly aight people. One of the few who understood that people have emotions. He takes things a bit too seriously however, like I’ll say something like “I will end your bloodline in battle” jokingly and he’ll tell me to chill. Like bro I’m not actually threatening to kill someone. What I want from you is: Lighten up a little.

Shadowstorm48 : 

Inenarrativus : I wasn't in RC when he was. But he deserves to get a notice. He, much like many others, was treated like garbage. People made fun of him for leaving and after they realized that Guil was a cunt everyone was all sad. I can’t think of anyone who was never given justice quite like him. He was the first to call out the people here, it just took me a while to realize it.

Epikart : Ah yes. One of the worst members i've ever been around, second to only Guil. Epikart was a terrible, terrible person to be around, and I'm quite sure he's a sociopath. At first he seemed okay, but that swiftly changed. Our dear Epik here is a hypocritical,  passive aggressive, and self rightous person. For one he takes this game way too seriously, he'll get mad if you make a simole firesaur joke and mock you for it or start a whole argument over a different opinion. Speaking of different opinions, if someone says they want a monster in some rank that he doesn't agree with, he'll always say "Wrong" or "The opposite of correct", not to mention the time he was having a tantrum over Drakor being in S+, like he's your personal baby. He would constantly insult people for little reason, then has the audacity to say that I have anger issues? Last I checked I didn't threatened to delete an entire monster page and told people that they have thick skulls, all over a cat being in a higher rank. He's also convinced that the shit I underwent and his tantrum are on the same level, so mocking my torment is somehow justified. Everytiime I consider staying, one interaction with him reminds me on why im leaving. Oh and he called me heartless becuase I didn't care about some digital monster's oh so very sad backstory, but then disrespects an actual person's death and thinks it's okay because he doesn't know him. You're sick Epik, one sick, disgusting motherfucker. You and your half baked apologies can go straight in the trash. Learn how to self reflect, don't start arguments that shouldn't of happened, accept that people have different opinions, and when you apologize actually mean it.

And that concludes this blog, unless i missed something out this will be my last edit on this wiki. Until you guys change your ways abd also kick Epik out, I'm gone for good. -TastyCaik

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