I've decided to write this because number one I'm very bored. Number two I'm also very bored. And finally, it's because I just want to say my opinion. 

1: Froma ... It's pretty obvious. She's the fastest mythical so far and is the only one that has access to trait disable. Because she has this she can keep up with the current meta. (Well partly at least.) She has decent support skills like team NER and a rip-off of Gakora's lord of beginnings. Bruh she even has AoE PER! She fits into the meta much better than the other mythic

2. Armel is number two. Her trait legit counters every mythic monster except Froma. She has the highest attacks stat in the game so far. What makes her better than Armor Claw? Honestly, armor claws trait may  be slightly better than Arumel . Sc: evasion and taunt are not exponentially better than each other to rightfully say Armor Claw is better. Though Armor Claw has hardened which is much better than daze and blind immunity. The biggest difference between them is Arumel 's much better stats. Even though Armor Claw has a tanky health stat Arumel beats him in everything else. Armor Claw and Arumel have moves that are both good or bad. Armor claw has a great 0cd and 0s move but Arumel also has a 60 power, and photophobic shield. (And sunburn but I'm lazy.) Overall, Armor Claw and Arumel are pretty even, but I think Arumel stats make her better than Armor Claw.

3. After so much arguing it's very obvious who number 3 is! Xavpit Armor Claw! He has a great trait, decent stats, (Not as good as Arumel though,) and some good moves. He has a 0cd and 0s move and can apply a ill mirror to himself. Self CDDA move with AoE damage. If you don't have money Armor Claw is your f2p attacker to go for.

4. Looking over all the monsters left I think that Cyberiel is number 4. she has a great extra turn move which can maximize damage. She has the second-highest attack stat and a decent trait. Vandecken was close to begin 4th but looking at his moves which involve using total damage reduction! First, Cyberiel's extra turn move is the counter to it and her move are just better. Cyberiel  legitimately slaughters everything in Pvp, (just like Arumel and Armor Claw, but just saying...) Vandecken can really just but some tortures on enemies and just die after. (Or deny but possession is his only good deny.) I just feel that Cyberiel is overall more viable in pvp.

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