Wassup, boys. I'll stop editing Grakon to the top of the page for now, I'll just accept that you will see that I am right when the time comes. But in the mean time, I will post here (and maybe update it, I dunno how blog posts work) the monsters that I consider the top ten in each class. So, yeah, please read on. 


1. Wildbird

2. Ugluk/Hookuai

3. WM Ragnarok

4. Gorg

5. WM Gortak

6. Wyrmlad

7. Nitroblaster/Cain

8. Zunobia

9. Warthak (Light and Dark)

10. Makugan

This was hard to decide on, but Ultimately I went for Pierce, PER, and Life Removal over other things. WIldbird is completely broken with pierce and thunder waekness, and his 80 thunder damage move, so he went first. Then I put both Ugluk and Hookuai together because they are equally as insane, but while Ugluk outdamages Hookuai, Hookuai's Anticipation Trait balances out his slightly lower damage output. In third is the all powerful WM Ragnarok. He's amazing, incredible stats, high damage moves, and lots of status effects. He also has an amazing trait that can help just about any monster on his team, and he has both true vision and Anticipation to make his own moveset hit better. His only downside is that he has no AoE Moves, but with the amount of effects he can apply and everything else about him, it works out fine.Then I have Gorg in fourth for his PER before damage and his ability to shred with extra turns, he's just a solid monster. Now we come to WM Gortak, he's really good, he's got great stats, a great movepool, team NER, and an 80 earth damage move, he's nothing special, but he is really good.Next is Wyrmlad, who is technically only half attacker, but he still does a great amount of damage, has abundant PER, and abundant torture effects. Then I put Nitroblaster and Cain in the same spot because they are pretty similar, Nitroblaster might deal more base damage, but Cain has the broken Bleed Hater Trait. Why they stay below other base damage attackers, is that they have to use extra turns, and will get shredded for it by Hookuai. Then I added Zunobia in the 8th slot, which I might get yelled at for, but she has Pierce, so she ignores any protections, and she has an AoE 25% Life Removal + Self Damage Boost, and a Single Self Pierce + Single 50% Life Removal, so that she can kill any megataunt in two turns, and with the pierce she can kill most monsters guarded by a tank in two turns as well, she's super solid as a monster, but doesn't have quite the damage output as those above her because she shines against a team with a tank. Then Warthak, who's below Zunobia for his lack of Life Removal, but above Makugan for his 80 damage move and his AoE PER, he's simple. Then Makugan, great stats, decent trait, and PER before damage. She's simple, but good.


1. Eisul

2. Rubellus

3. Santerion

4. Mephisto

5. Dunn Ra

6. Hyperia

7. Clipeum

8. Koralle Brutalis

9. Neobuki

10. Fatid

This one was kind of easy, it was basically just a ranking of traits (unless they were really similar, but I'll compare those individually). 

Eisul vs. Rubellus

They have very similar traits, but technically Rubellus has the better trait as he is immune to a control effect and a torture effect and he has the team Nature Protection, which is amazing. but where Eisul beats out Rubellus is his slightly higher stats, and his better moveset. Eisul has Curse, Blind, Total Blind, Possession, Mega Possession, and Drowned. While Rubellus only has Stun, Daze, Bleed, Poison, and a Team NER. They are both incredible monsters and amazing tanks, but Eisul is just barely better due to him being a Denier/Tank instead of just a Tank. They are also both above Santerion because they have to be PER'd, the TD'd to make them stop being tanksa. Upon further consideration I have decided to leave them be, as Eisul has a denier's movepool, wich is amazing on a Tank vs. Rubellus with a basic Tank movepool. I still really like both of them, and wish I could rank my Rubellus.

Mephisto vs. Dunn Ra

This one comes down to the wire, they are incredibly similar. They both have tough + SC: Mega Taunt, and are Curser/Torturers. But Mephisto is just slightly better with his access to more curse effects, his immunity to Burn and Ignite, and his Legendaryphobic shield that lets him become one of the most broken things in the game when paired with WM Remtar. I am a huge fan of mephisto, but I want to prove that he is better. The Hardened vs Tough that was brought up is a pretty good point, that 15% difference can be the difference between winning and losing, but I am still going for the immunity to Ignite (one of the best tortures, fight me) and Burn (not great, but still a useful torture) I would argue is better. Mephisto also has Stamina Drain, versus Dunn Ra who doesn't. It's a really hard decision to make, and it may fluxuate as this blog continues to exist. We'll have to wait and see.

Clipeum vs. Koralle Brutalis

These two are very similar, but Clipeum is just better with his Celestial Trait on top of his taunt, and his support skills. Koralle is great, but he lacks any immunities or support moves.

Nebuki vs. The World

Honestly, all I have to say is Positive Effects Protection Trait and Taunt + Team Evasion

Hyperia in the 6th

He's a super solid monster, I've just put him under Dunn Ra and Mephisto for his plain Stun Immunity, lower Life Stat, and his Attacker movepol instead of a Curser. His SC is insane, but he can't really re-apply it, so I'll just put him below and leave it at that. I am also a big fan of Hyperia, but that lower life stat and lack of tortures means that I can't realy put him above those that can tank better than him in good spirit.

Santerion vs. The rest

I put the all powerful Santerion under Rubellus and Eisul because while his trait is absilutely insane, as are his stats and movepool, it only takes a single TD and he stops being a tank, he can NER and his team can NER, but if a competent denier TD's him, then their attacker can kill or deny the teammate who can NER. Versus both Eisul and Rubellus that require PER and TD to make them stop being tanks. It's a really fine line, but Santerion just falls slightly short when compared to those above him. Also, neither of the other two have Hater Effects related to them that are rather easily applied, because Ingenica is a DIRECT counter to not only herself, but Santerion too with TD and Artifact Hater.

Fatid vs. Everything Else

I really like Fatid, I think he has an awesome gimmick of instead of eating damage for his team, outliving them and resurrecting them. It's really creative and has some busted combos with monsters with Team NER. I put him above actual tanks like Igursus or Cryotan, because he honestly has better survivability and tanking than those two, even without taunt or mega taunt. 


1. Hornet

2. Madam Fusion

3. Wyrmlad

4. WM Ragnarok

5. Neobuki

6. Nisael

7. Wickah

8. WM Elvira

9. Mirak

10. Hobkin

This one was a little bit harder, as I had to define WHAT a support is, as this ranking doesn't already exist (to my knowlegde). Most of these are pretty obvious, like Hornet. He may not have the ability to heal his team, but he has two NER skills, almost total negative effects immunity, great debuffs, the Area Dodge Trait, and an Anticipation SC. he was a slam dunk for first. Madam Fusion is obvious, she's an amazing teammate and thats all that you need to sweep the enemy. Moving down is Wyrmlad and WM Ragnarok, which aren't full supports, but both have great healing moves, NER moves, and Ressurection Moves. Next is Nisael, who I put there for his lack of healing but really easy access to team triple damage, resurrections, and his ability to kill tanks. He's just 6th because those above him can heal or they are better teamates. Ah, the great Wickah. She has AoE PER + TD, access to Pierce, Regeneration, Double Damage, True Vision, NER, Torture Immunity and Control Immunity. She's super solid as a monster, I just wish she wasn't Forsaken so people could actually use her. The next two are rather obvious, so I'll just skip to Hobkin. Hobkin is rad, He's got PER, NER, Protection Effect, and a 50% Life Removal to help with tanks. He's super lame, but I love him nonetheless.


1. Grakon

2. Lord Pumpseed

3. WM Thalassa

4. Thundeer

5. WM Sherezar

6. Mirak

7. Kronx

8. Pierceid

9. Crabbydroid

10. Synaptikus

Now to get contraversial. Once again, I have a conflicting opinion with the rest of the wiki over deniers. I firmly believe that Grakon and Lord Pumpseed are better than WM Thalassa because of their higher speeds, access to CDA, and ability to apply death countdowns as well as deny the enemy long enough to kill them. And because someone will inevitably bring it up, she is still better than those on the list with 3,575 speed for a variety of reasons, but I'll just pre-explain Thundeer and WM Sherezar. What makes Thundeer worse is his anticipation bait moves AND only one move with PER and TD. His AoE Random Mega Control Effect is also too random to consistently stop a team that has either a WM or just has two monsters with Control Immune Traits, he's good, but not consistent enough. As for WM Sherezar, he is definetely worse than WM Thalassa because he has no TD and can't even hit Area Dodge monsters, he's just hands down worse. But he's better than Mirak because of his higher speed and access to CDA, just like Grakon and Pumpseed. That's all I have to say on this matter for now, I will have to add more once more monsters in each class come out, but until then, thanks for reading! I'm also really dreading adding Lamia and Kprruptus, as I hate both of them with a burning passion.

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