So this is basically what Tasty did in his most recent blog post, but instead it is my take on how my experiences were and isn't a farewell. So without further ado, here we go as we take a lot into my long history with the wiki.

The Community

The Monster Legends Community is, how do I put this? Well it's interesting. It's probably the 2nd most toxic community I have ever seen just behind the Smash Community. People in this community will literally criticize you for thinking a monster is better than it actually is and they will just lay it into you by calling you brain dead, stupid or saying that your opinion doesn't matter. I once saw someone tell another person to sell there Eisul because they thought it was funny. The person sold it and the person that told them to didn't feel bad at all and just kept on laughing. Like that is just horrible. You can't really express an opinion in this community unless it is what most people think or unless you're fine with being completely ridiculed and berated. That's one of the reasons why I never said that I wanted Eisul to drop to OP-, because I knew everyone would think I'm crazy. I've been apart of 3 communities. Smash is the worst, Monster Legends is a close second, which is saying something considering the Smash community is horrible, and Clash Royale is 3rd by a huge margin. It's pretty hard to even call this a community honestly with how much people get destroyed by others.

The Wiki

The wiki is not even close to anything like the community is. While there are a fair share of toxic people that have came and went, the wiki overtime got less and less toxic, now to the point where there are only a few people that are toxic from time to time. The wiki definitely feels like a community, but it still has it share of problems from time to time. Arguments tend to get a bit ugly when discussing what ranks monsters should be in because for some reason people just can't understand that people are entitled to there own opinions and it escalates to the point where people stop trying to use facts and just say random crap about the other person. Many users are fairly active and usually try to help others when there is any question of the sort. The wiki is a much safer place to share an odd opinion than it would be on one of the discord servers and I'm proud to see how far it has come to be the safer place.

My Behavior Early On

I was one of the most hated users on the whole wiki when it was run by Mangostarco and when anyone could edit the VR. I was extremely toxic calling many people stupid or high if they put a monster in a rank that I thought was wrong. Anytime I had said anything in the comments I basically had an insult in it somewhere because I thought I was always right. This was the point in the wiki where me and Applepie had huge fueds for our differing opinions, but luckily we don't hate each other anymore. Anytime I said something, it was met by distress, someone feeling hurt, or someone showing hate towards me due to how toxic I was. Looking back on it, I deserved all the hate that was shown towards me because I was such a terrible person on the site. After some time I decided to clean up my act and try not to make fun of others opinions and it payed off really well.

My Time Before the RC

The time before the RC was an interesting time for the wiki. So many monsters either weren't ranked at all, or didn't have their profiles made, until ThisisLucid took charge. He soon left due to lack of interest in the game and chaos started. Anyone, even Fandom Users, were allowed to edit the VR so there were constant changes to the VR to match the opinions of the people that made the edit. So many people disagreed with each other that the VR basically was changed like every hour. Trolls constantly ruined the VR by removing everything and it got so common to the point where it at least happened 2 times a day. The only admin at the time was Mangostarco who basically deserted us, so there were no people able to block the trolls. Many people would just move monsters and never explain why causing for a lot of people in the comments get angry over it. This was probably the most toxic time in the wiki due to so many differing opinions and them actually being taken into action. After some time I decided to clean up my act and try not to make fun of others opinions and it payed off really well. For a little bit of time there was a mini system where all the users tried to collectively fix the rankings a little. The users would share their opinions in the comments and the wiki would wait to see if most people agreed with it. If a lot of people agreed with that opinion, one of the main users, like myself at the time, would make the change in the VR. Soon enough, we decided to abandon this system for the most part and bring out everyone's favorite version of deciding ranks (this is a joke btw): The Poll system! The Poll system was used to give a rank to the new monsters being released. This was by far one of the worst systems being used due to the fact that so many monsters were put into ranks that they shouldn't have been put in. For example, Wasper at the time of release was put into SS+, Dr. Marihelson was put in SS, and Draghar was put somewhere around S. Most new monsters were just shoved into SS or SS+ creating massive clutter. The wiki became very outdated very quickly, but then Alpha came in and helped us all.

Time in the RC

Thankfully Guil came up with this idea (not everything he did was bad) and Alpha implemented it. This was and still is the most efficient way to rank monsters and has caused this wiki to go from a lauging stock to respectable by a good amount of people. As for my time in the RC, it was meh at the start and started to get better as time went on. When things first started, I honestly didn't know what I was doing completely when ranking monsters. I was pretty narrow minded not seeing the bigger picture of certain effects, like PER, or the full extent of the use of some moves. I basically just ranked based on if I thought the collection of moves of the monster was good or not. I tended to agree with Guil a lot on votes and so did most of the others for the most part. As time went on I learned to find the bigger picture of monsters and stuff like that. Ranking monsters was a bit of a challenge at the start because if we were split on votes and Alpha or Fallblade were the only ones left to vote, it would sometimes take days just to break the tie because Alpha was pretty inactive and Fallblade was restricted due to how long he had to be at school. Even when Alpha was on sometimes he didn't vote because he didn't know which monster we were ranking and then we had to wait even longer. Inen soon joined the council and was the first person in the council that I remember that usually brought around much different viewpoints than the rest of the members. He basically was one of the reasons that I started looking at the bigger picture when ranking monsters, but at the expense was the fact that he was treated horribly and soon left after. Big turning point in the long run for the council though. Further on it got pretty tame and then Alpha left which did help speed up ranking. I still tended to agree with Guil on votes due to the fact that I didn't want to get berated, but I branched out a little more. Things started to get a little sketchy in the RC where people started to just name a vote and not explain why or would just vote with the majority to keep things moving along. At one point someone even refused to straight up vote for a monster's vote at all. After a little bit things got better and now the voting system is good again and debates will happen over monsters ranks showing the members truly care where these monsters go. 

Drama in the RC

The RC soon became pretty toxic as some users came to know, for example, when Inen joined, most of us (myself included) acted like pieces of shit to him because he wanted Rag in OP and we wanted to keep him in OP-. Any unpopular opinion was almost shut down like it was an instinct followed by beration from Guil. Then I tried to make some pretty bad arguments to defend my side. And look how that turned out for us lol, Rag is OP now. But yea, he was treated so poorly that he left the council and I'm honestly surprised that Inen doesn't hate me (I'm pretty sure he doesn't) after what happened to him. Epik soon joined the council and not to long after, Guil started to just hate Epik because Epik thought that Guil was overexaggerating about his info being leaked (Guil was overexaggerating) which lead to the point where anytime Epik spoke, Guil replied with just something horrible and just talking shit to Epik for no reason at all. To add to this, Azure leaked Guil's personal info, which if I'm being honest, wasn't that much personal info which was able to be found on Guil's facebook page anyway, and Guil got so enraged that he kicked Azure from the RC and blocked him from the discord server and from the wiki for as long as he wanted. Epik realized this was unjust and called out Guil for it, but in the end just felt the rath of Guil's moody 13 yr old behavior and Epik was unreasonably bullied. Later on, with Guil still hating Epik with every ounce he has, Yedra was released and Guil randomly started bullying the shit out of Tasty. He called Tasty many names and most of the RC did as well. This got so bad as to where anytime Tasty spoke, he would just be bullied because of what Guil had created. Multiple times his name was changed to something involving Yedra by Guil on Discord and Tasty couldn't do anything to change it further provoking the bullying from other users since it was what they saw when he said anything. He expressed many times that it bothered him but it didn't stop which led to further drama for the RC. But before this further drama, Guil found out I shortened Azure's permanent ban to around 6 months (I think) and he flipped out. He got angry that I didn't consult him on it (keep in mind that Guil wanted to be consulted on everything, but never consulted anyone on anything). He claimed that this was the final straw alongside a bunch of other things (one including many people changing their names to Guil and their pfp to his as well, but ngl that was funny as shit lol) that made him want to delete the whole discord server. He claimed that the discord server did more harm than good. Later we created a back up server and he got even angrier, so the whole RC + users of the wiki were worried he might do something to the wiki and decided to get him demoted from Bureaucrat. Then we ended up blocking him due to his horrible behavior. On the new server Tasty's bullying didn't really stop, but it was less common as before. Epik would continue to bully Tasty about it until Tasty snapped. Soon the server stopped bullying him, but Tasty still loathed Epik for it completely to the point where he would make nasty remarks about Epik when Epik said something. The 2 went at it for a while until Tasty left. Epik was also bullied by the wiki for wanting Nikasia to be lower than she is where people would call him stupid and he would have breakdowns about it (these are not my words, Epik did state Nikasia would cause him to have breakdowns sometimes). Fallblade also didn't really help since he would use reactions on discord to kinda make fun of the situation. Later on I took away Epik's Content Moderator Role on the Wiki for the second time due to him still deleting a good amount of comments after telling him not to when giving it back to him.

My Time as Bureaucrat

There are basically 2 parts to my time as Bureaucrat, the Dual Bureaucracy and the Solo Bureaucracy. The Dual Bureaucracy was not a fun one at all. It really wasn't much of a Dual Bureaucracy as it was just Guil hoarding power. This is the moment in time we discovered he was a tyrant. As a Bureaucrat, let me remind you I shared this power with Guil, I had to consult him on basically any decision that I wanted to make if it would cause a notable impact, like shortening the ban of Azure for example. Guil on the other hand felt like he never had to consult me on anything at all and just did anything he wanted. This would lead to big arguments over the idea of the Dual Bureaucracy until we ultimately got the Fandom creators to remove Guil's Bureaucracy position due to him being a tyrant. As for my time as a solo Bureaucrat, I can't really think of anything notable I really did. If I'm being honest, I don't think I really did anything special as Bureaucrat and instead I should have done more to help you guys out. In my opinion, I think I did an overall bad job as Bureaucrat and that the next ones will help better the wiki more than I did. Anyway, thanks for sticking with me to everyone that did, so have a great time for everyone on the wiki, spread positivity to all, and let's all just keep a good vibe going.

The Important Members of the Wiki During my Time

Alpha: I'm so greatful we had him as a part of the wiki. He's the main reason why we actually have a solid and functioning system to rank monsters and why our wiki is organized now. He's a nice person, almost never being toxic. He's a great person, but it did get a little annoying when we had to wait days for him to vote for a monster in the RC. He definitely gives the feeling of a natural born leader when he puts his mind to it.

Guil: Here we go. First, let's start off with a positive, he is the founder of the RC. In short, he is a terrible and power hungry little bitch. But let's dive deeper into it. I actually looked up to guil when I first joined the wiki, crazy I know, but it's because he seemed extremely experienced and always had the best arguments for what he thought the rankings should look like. He's probably one of the bigger reasons why I was so toxic in the beginning of my time here. Time went on and then the RC happened. This was where everything went down hill with Guil. Guil was finally given power as and admin and a part of the RC and it would soon go to his head. He bullied the fuck out Inen for believing in Raggy being OP or having a single opinion that didn't coincide with Guil. He would remove the RC role from him for fun and kicked him out of the discord server multiple times as well. Most of us in the RC kind of piggybacked on this as well and we were all kind of alienated by it. Soon Inen left due to all the toxicity. Then the next victim would be Tasty. Guil is the root of all the bullying Tasty received. Yedra was released and out of nowhere, Guil just starts calling Tasty names (sorry for saying these Tasty) like, Flower Fucker, Yedra's Husband, Yedra's Bitch, etc. This lead to further things down the line that will be discussed on Tasty's thing. Azure then released Guil's "personal information", which was just Guil's name, country he lived in, and age which could be found on Guil's facebook page. Guil went insane and perma banned Azure for no reason and Epik rightfully called him out for overreacting. Then, Guil bullied the fuck out out of him to the point where Epik said something he immediately regretted. They constantly went back and forth until Guil blocked him on Discord. Then, Applepie applied for admin and Guil happily removed the application from the page because Apple made a joke saying he should have put his application up on April 1st. When I asked Apple about it, he said that he actually wanted to be an admin, but Guil constantly defended his decision. Later, Apple asked me if he could do a test election, just to see how people would vote, it wouldn't make him admin or anything, to which Guil was angry at and asked why he wasn't consulted about it. Due to popular request, I shortened Azure's ban and Guil hadn't known for some time. Guil later found out and went ballistic and once again asked as to why he wasn't consulted. He once again asked why he wasn't consulted on it and ultimately led to the spiral which destroyed our original discord server. Later on, Fallblade made a back up discord server for when Guil would delete the server. Guil found this out and went even more insane. He then deleted the discord server, which Fallblade spent so much time perfecting, and proceeded to try and blame him deleting the server on me. He claimed that I could have stopped it to which I responded "How?" and he never answered how cuz I knew I couldn't. His defense for deleting the server was that "It caused more harm than good" which is far from true considering so many people were happy that we had a server and it helped them a lot. We then proceeded to ban him from the wiki to which he told me that he hopes I die. Guil basically wanted everything to revolve around him and wanted to do anything he wanted without gaining approval, but always wanted to give approval on things others wanted to do. Also, let's not forget that he constantly would make fun of people and call everyone retards for not agreeing with him. He's a horrible person and I'm glad I never have to hear from that piece of shit motherfucker again. He's the typical 13 yr old kid that likes to talk shit behind a computer cuz he's a fucking keyboard warrior, but won't say shit like that in real life for the fear of getting his ass beat.

Azure: His personality when he first joined was great. Very enthusiastic and always wanting to learn more to better himself on the website. Then we added him to the council which I personally think was a big mistake. Adding Azure to the council was not a good idea. At the start, he mainly just agreed with whatever rank Guil put since he looked up to Guil. He never really formed his own opinion. To follow with him being a mini Guil, anytime Guil made fun of someone, Inen for example, Azure would happily join in. Then Azure became one of the most toxic people on this website easily adopting the way Guil spoke, or as he called it, Guil style. Any opinion that he didn't agree with would be followed by him calling them a retard or other names, but never really backed up why he thought their opinion was wrong. There are a few comments Azure has made where he showed his opinion and why, but his opinion and reasoning was just bad and wrong. If I recall correctly, he once said Gorg was as good as Hookuai and Gorg's Shock was as good as Hookuai's anticipation. You can probably find these comments if you look back. Then towards the end of his run in the RC Azure kinda stopped caring about the whole RC thing and just threw his vote in without an explanation, started saying that making explanations is a waste of time and stupid, and a few times just straight up refused to vote for a monster when we needed him to. He did release Guil's "personal info", which was good since we ended up getting rid of Guil in the long run from it. I will say that I'm glad Azure changed his way from when he got banned to when he came back. He became much more mature and more respectable, but he was just a horrible person before. The RC basically intoxicated him and turned him into someone that felt they were better than everyone else and felt extremely entitled to things. In short, RC Azure was just a massive pain in the ass and a bitch.

Kyrem: The smartest person on this wiki and is the person you should trust the most with monster opinions. Never try to argue with Kyrem, he will just destroy you in the end with facts and logic as I know from experience. Anytime someone bashes the wiki, Kyrem is one of the first people to stand up for it and all the hard work everyone has put into it. He's a nice guy, but always is truthful when he has to be or has fun when he needs to. There's a good reason why he's the new BUREAUCRAT and why everyone voted for him. I fully trust the wiki in his hands and that he will do great things with it. Jazzy is laifu Jazzy is waifu

Fallblade: Literally the hardest working person on this wiki. He has so many edits for a reason lol and it's not because of edit farming. He tries his hardest to make this wiki look good, function well, and be easy to use for most users. He is definitely one of the unsung heroes of the wiki and always finds new ways to try and help improve the wiki further. He may be quiet and not speak a lot, but he always has the biggest impact. 

Inen: Another rollercoaster here lol. First joined the RC and man did it start out bad. He always brought up out of the box opinions that would sadly result in a group beration by the RC. He was one of the worst treated by the RC to the point where he left. After all of this, he for some reason thought I wasn't a complete dick and still dm'ed me and messaged me. At the time I didn't realize how useful and important he really was in the RC because he was the main jumpstart for unpopular opinions in the RC and in general. If it wasn't for him, I probably would still go with the very popular opinions instead of trying to make unpopular ones. He's a pretty nice person and cares about everything he does. Glad he still messaged me after all the crap happened towards him

Shadowstorm: Great person. You can tell he has a lot of passion for what he's involved in. He's one of the most helpful people on this wiki and if you ever need help, he'll be one of the first to do it. He's not overly serious either and does like making jokes, sometimes they aren't made at the right time tho. He blossomed from a follower when he first joined the RC into a complete leader to how he is now. If you ever need help or have a problem, please contact Shadow, he will probably be much more of a help than anyone else.

Tasty: It's gonna be kinda complicated. I'll start of short, I think Tasty is pretty cool overall, but he has some problems, just like any person. So, Tasty is a pretty chill person, he liked to joke around in the RC and tended to be a bit more uplifting if he liked you. He would make jokes when we didn't have much going on, but when we had to vote on monsters he still did his job. Unfortunately he underwent by far the most bullying in the whole wiki to the point where if he said anything on Discord he would just be bullied. Even after Guil left, he was still bullied and it got the point where he immediately resented anyone that bullied him. This is where the first problem is. Once Tasty doesn't like you he won't ever stop liking you. Tasty doesn't really give second chances, some while reasonable, like him hating Guil, others not so reasonable, like Shadowstorm imo. Also, the bullying led to him hating Epik with a passion which caused them to fight about every little thing no matter how pointless and it was kind of both their faults about this. I will also say that Tasty was kinda toxic on the wiki as well when replying to different users. It can be seen from previous comments that this is the case. During his time in the RC, he was one of the people that tended to give some of the more out of the box votes/ideas, which was very much needed because it got more of us thinking and talking about it, and he did give ideas that most wouldn't. He's also a massive legend on Warmaster Ragnarok's page for 1 legendary comment thread he created. So yeah, Tasty is a cool and nice person if you're on his good side, but if you're on his bad side then he won't be the nicest to you

Epik: Before I get into the negative about Epik, I'll start it positive. Before joining the RC he was like Azure and very enthusiastic to help out with the wiki. He was sadly a victim of Guil's bullying which shouldn't have happened because Epik rightfully called him out for overreacting. Everything was fine until Yedra became a monster. I already made a whole paragraph about Epik, so I'm just gonna copy paste it here, and take out somethings that I just repeated in it multiple times. Also, I'll add to it. First, I just want to say seeing the constant fighting between Tasty and Epik was some of the most annoying things I've ever had to look at and endure. They fought over literally the stupidest shit possible. Neither could back down cuz their egos are just too big, luckily I don't have to deal with it anymore. I've seen him make so many comments where he says something negative to someone because he doesn't agree with their opinion. Go to almost any monster page and I can guarantee you'll find an example cuz he's a toxic person. Most of what he says is negative. He's acted like a massive piece of shit to the whole community on this wiki for so long. He's bullied the fuck out of Tasty to the point where he had a breakdown and said he didn't feel sorry for it, he didn't feel an ounce of sympathy when most of us were going through hard times. For example, one of my favorite NBA players died and I expressed that in the RC. He tried to play the victim very frequently if anything bad happened to him. He did try to defend himself for being such a terrible person even though there was no reason to defend it since there is no justification for being such a bad person. All his actions have consequences, but he didn't seem to understand that. Anytime someone has started to hate him it's because he showed 0 sympathy towards them. What's worse is the fact that he couldn't seem to understand why this happens either. He needs to fix the way he acts before he should expect anything positive in return from people. I've never seen someone play the victim so much to the point where I get so disgusted when I see it. He always have to blow things out of proportion if something doesn't go his way. Saying Dielab and Nikasia being higher than he thought they should be is poisoning the game. Saying stuff like "why does everyone think I'm a canniving ass" when nobody said that. Calling himself worthless when we don't agree with his opinion. Saying he got kicked from the RC when we removed his content moderator role the first time. But when it comes to others he thought it as basically nothing. Bullying tasty, came with the excuse of him not knowing that he was bullying him and trying to downplay the fact that he was. And then when someone actually proved him wrong, he twisted their words to make everything sound more dramatic and blow things out of proportion further. He's twisted my words so many time beyond belief because he always wanted to cause drama. He always brings the drama, creates the drama, and for some reason never understood why it's there in the first place. You said you would change and you wouldn't be like this in the RC. After some time, it's clear you haven't changed at all and you are still the immature and toxic person we all knew. After this was posted Epik did say he would change and asked for other people's help on how to change. From what I've seen so far, it does seem Epik has changed a little, but I do think it's gonan take a while for him to change. I do have hope that he does change for the better and I believe it's possible. Hopefully he takes this as motivation to change.

WDLegendary (TechnoPat): He is my Customer Service brother. Rarely ever see him get angry. He's a very professional person, knows how to keep a controlled environment, so problems don't arise. There are some times where we are just joking in the RC and he tells us to chill, so WD could let loose a little more, but that's basically his only problem as a person. Always someone that can help you feel better or help you calm down if you need to. I do wish he was a little more active on the wiki tho cuz he definitely is a major help. Also, his dog is awesome.

Applepie: It was quite the rollercoaster with this person. I first joined this wiki and I immediately did not like him. He and I constantly would change the rankings to our likings to the point where everyone hated the both of us. We constantly argued and neither of us really explained why we changed the rankings. We soon began to compromise and wouldn't change the rankings anymore. As time went on, he started to grow on me and I respected him more and more. The respect became mutual as he expressed times before and would generally come to me for help. I respected him enough to be the pioneer for him to become and admin, which ended up working to when he became an admin. It sucks that he left, but I understand why and respect the decision. Hopefully he comes back because he was truly a cool person and his english did get better over time. 

Wingson: Ngl, when I first saw him on the wiki, I got him confused with the William guy a good amount. He started commenting a lot more sharing his opinions and he gave me a good impression. Very professional, tries to keep away from conflict, which I have seen through his arguments by him always keeping calm, and just wants to help this wiki grow. Glad to have in the RC and a great person.

Marco Bignoli: When he first joined the wiki he literally preached Fenrir like a god, saying Fenrir should move up, this was probably a year or a year and a half ago. Literally anything you would say to disprove his point about Fenrir would be met with complete denial and just continue to preach. He surprisingly became a very toxic person out of nowhere just starting to bash people like Epik or Fallblade for no reason without any warning either. I honestly don't like him at all just becuase he was annoying and toxic.

Wookie: Wookie is a very persistent person, always a good quality to have, but the persistence is a bit too much when it comes to Grakon vs Thalassa. It's kind of the same situation as it would be for how Marco is with Fenrir, just to a much lesser extent and being more reasonable. He's probably the most active person on the Monster Improvement Forums which does show his dedication when he is passionate about something. I haven't had too much interaction with him, but what I can tell from the ones I had is that he is pretty chill person and a good person for the wiki.

Promaster: He's one of the people that got on my nerves easily if I'm being honest. Before he was in the RC I really couldn't stand him that much. His arguments were kinda toxic imo and what he did in them just really annoyed me. Now that he's in the RC and I interact with him a lot more, I've come to realize that he really isn't like I thought he was. HE'S SO MUCH WORSE, jk lol. Pro is actually a pretty good person and doesn't get on my nerves anymore. He likes to learn to get better at helping out the wiki, and is a pretty cool person. Just goes to show that getting to know a person more helps out a lot.

Mangostarco: Probably the worst or one of the worst people that took over the wiki. This is all due to the fact that he literally did nothing as the leader of the wiki. He was the main leader a little after I joined and the only notable thing I remember him doing was blocking a few trolls after people complained about them. He didn't really help with anything on the wiki to further it along as it was going through the worst time with the VR being editable by anyone. Then, out of the blue he just straight up left us without a warning and for probably a half of a year or longer we were without a leader and the VR just got worse from there on out.

ThisisLucid: I honestly didn't even know he was the leader of the wiki when I first joined it. I am greatful that he added so many monster profiles that were undone. Additionally, he added so many monsters that were completely missing from the VR itself. He did so much for the wiki with the little time that he was actually on it.

Zudvinx: I remember the first time we ever interacted. It was during the Hookuai vs Ugluk debate and our argument turned toxic real quick. I ultimately ended up winning the argument since many people soon realized that Ugluk was in fact equal to Hookuai and not better, but this instance coupled with other instances I saw from him have ingrained the idea that he is a very toxic person in my eyes. One heck of a debater no doubt about it, but he is pretty toxic.

Jacksonstarmagic: Haven't had too many interactions with Jackson that much, but when he first joined the wiki, I didn't like him because he spammed random crap in the VR comments a lot to where I wanted him blocked. After a warning was given, he cleaned up his act and became a very good member of this wiki. He has some controversial opinions at times, but they always stir up discussions which is nice.

Idhsjd: I didn't really interact with him much, but I remember that he was pretty active on the wiki and said a lot of random stuff in the comments. He was pretty funny and well respected enough to end up being an admin at one point being appointed by Alpha. He was a pretty helpful person overall.

Baby Dragon Fan: I haven't had too many interactions with him, but from what I can see, he seems like a kind hearted person that just wants the best for any project he's involved in. Always willing to help and not a fan of conflict.

Davidee: This man is hilarious as fuck, ngl. He randomly showed up to our wiki to trash me and Inen for no reason and to reduce Guil's block. This caused me to finally have some fun and act unprofessional, on purpose, and just say some random crap for fun. It was nice to let loose. Then, he DM'ed me on Discord to help him get unblocked from the Shadow Fight Wiki, which I responded that I couldn't because I have no power over there. To this, he responded by calling me the guy that let Jesus die instead of doing something about it. He freaking compared me to someone that let someone innocently die because I didn't help him get unblocked on some website. Like that is legitametly funny as shit.

Name some others that I might be forgetting in the comments.

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