Valgar the Pure, the VIP lion monster whose main gimmicks include hard hitti mg moves and lots of support.

Role: Support / Attacker

Overview Edit

Valgar the Pure can be a good damage dealer, but he is a great supporter too and can make your team immune against every elements except the Light-element. He can cure the entire team too and remove negative status effects.


  • Team Photophobic Shield (immunity against every element except Light)
  • Single ally Precision, Double Damage, AND Stamina Regeneration
  • Strong skills


  • High cooldowns
  • Mediocre stats

Recommended Moveset Edit

  • Divine Light (Stamina regeneration + Double damage + Precision w/ 31 stamina, 3-turn CD)
  • Spear of Tempest (75 Light dmg w/ 28 stamina, 3-turn CD)
  • Light of Punishment (AoE 30 Light dmg + Positive Effect Removal w/ 35 stamina, no CD)
  • Light Salvation (30 Light dmg + no damage received from all elements [except Light] [1 Turn] w/ 24 stamina, 2-turn CD)

Counters Edit

He is weak against fast Metal-type monsters like Metalhëad and Annihilator R2. You can use Timerion to use Valgar's high cooldowns against him.