Varuna was an ambitious pirate. When he drowned after his ship sank, Death visited him. He asked Death to live without a soul under the sea instead of dying, a wish he was granted. Now he torments the good souls of the deep oceans.

Overview Edit

Varuna is a great freeze abuser in Monster Legends. He got extremely interesting skills to pack this up. His stats are very good and all of that makes Varuna a force in the competitive metagame. He is currently ranked A+ in the Viability Ranking for all these reasons. He is very versatile, very dangerous and just an overall decent monster.


  • AoE Freeze
  • Special has AoE Stun
  • Self 30% heal move
  • AoE Stamina Leak + self Stamina Regeneration
  • His stats are very good.
  • He can heal both HP and Stamina.
  • He is immune to stun.


  • He has trouble against other water monsters.
  • VoltaiK eats him for dinner
  • High cooldowns
  • A very old monster, so not that powerful

Recommended Moveset Edit

Take that Anchor!

  • Cascade Blast
  • Brutal Tsunami
  • Hefty Anchor
  • Cascade Vortex/Hard Tsunami
  • 2 Strength/1 Speed or Stamina

Varuna always starts off with Cascade Blast to freeze everyone. After that, use Brutal Tsunami to give all foes stamina leak and gain stamina regeneration, which is very handy. Hefty Anchor is used to stun one foe, which is always welcome. Lastly, Cascade Vortex steals HP while Hard Tsunami gains back some stamina after use, it depends on what you prefer. You will pretty much do a cycle between your moves as Varuna has very long cooldowns.

Counters Edit

Varuna really does hate Timerion because he got such big cooldowns. VoltaiK brings him down easily, no problem, same with Zyla the Faithful. Varuna also got trouble against other water monsters that are immune to freeze and can freeze in return, like Cavenfish or Lord Mammoth.