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Viatrix is famous for her magical muds, which she finds in faraway exotic jungles and enriches with the most amazing pollens the trees in the Cardinal Forest can produce. She was dead for a while, but now that Lutum has brought her back to life, she's determined to outdo her old self as a first-class druid!

Role: Denier


Viatrix is an amazing earth denier who utilizes CDA and timestop for denial. She doesn't seem that impressive at first, until you look a bit closer to what she has to offer. Firstly, Her stats are nice as a denier, notably the speed, which makes her the third fastest denier in the game! Only behind Pure Pandalf and Monstera. Her traits are also amazing, because she has 2 lovely traits, being DA, And SC: Evasion, a very irritating combo to face against. Her skillset is not disappointing too. She has an AoE Time Stop skill that shuts down all non-Artifacts and Control Immunity monsters, alongside a nice AoE CDA. If paired with her staff relic, she can chain deny for 2 turns, and make her enemies lose their best skills, with majority having cooldown. Next noteworthy skill is her single deny skill that applies Time Stop twice, meaning she has higher chances of landing her denial even when Blinded or against monsters with Bulwark. Lastly, she also has the ability to deactivate cooldowns to not just herself, but her allies too! And let's not forget that self skill that can NER, apply Evasion, and Stamina Regen. She's a nice mythic to have for this era, but she's definitely not perfect. She has moderate to high cooldown with a not so compatible relic slot being Trap. But overall, this monster is great, and can be amazing when used correctly.


  • Amazing trait
  • 2 forms of denial in CDA and Time Stop
  • Can Time Stop twice, making it more likely to land
  • Spammable denial skill, meaning she’s fine against CDA
  • Can support herself and her team with CDDA, Regeneration, Evasion, and Stamina Regeneration
  • Great speed
  • Great relic slot in Staff


  • Moderate to high cooldowns

Recommended Moveset

Donut Denial Flavor

  • Breaking The Flow (AoE 25 Earth dmg + Time Stop, 42s, 2 CD)
  • Orange Side (AoE 25 Earth dmg + CDA, 48s, 3 CD)
  • Time Druid (30 Earth dmg + Time Stop, 30s, 0 CD)
  • Dimension Swap / Blue Side / Merged With The Portal / Portal Closed (Swap for Self NER + Evasion + Stamina Regeneration, 42s, 2 CD) / (Blue for Team CDDA, 42s, 2 CD) / (Merged for 30 Earth dmg + CDA, 36s, 1 CD) / (Closed for 40 Earth dmg + Time Stop x2, 36s, 3 CD)

Recommended Allies

  • Monsters with PER or TD such as Waldorf can allow her to deny the enemy team without worrying about ITC and MT.
  • Like any DA monster, Taunt tanks like Mojadrak can make her almost untouchable.


  • Monsters with 0 CD skills and Control Immunity, say ZHC, Climbert can easily leave Corrupted Rock Druid as useful as her Epic form.
  • Pierce monsters like Stalkiller or Spekthra can ignore her amazing trait.

Fun Facts

  • The skill names Blue Side and Orange Side are a reference to the video game series Portal.