VoltaiK is a spambot who gets hated by SocialPoint for being good way back then.

Role: Spam-bot

Overview Edit

VoltiaK is quite fast, has good power, and keeps attacking over and over and over again until its stamina is depleted. The only negative about this is that, sadly, Voltaik is getting outclassed by things like Zyla (who has the same extra-turn gimmick but with lower Stamina costs and much more possibilities) and more modern attackers like Prince Charmless (his attacks have higher damage, less stamina and even can make enemy weak to Nature). Apart from this, Anticipation monsters like Faraday make Voltaik basically useless in defense in the higher leagues. However, VoltaiK is still very useful, and one of the best Thunder monsters.


  • Can spam-attack until its stamina is depleted
  • Decent speed
  • Because he attacks all the time, he gets his special move often.
  • Good trait


  • VoltaiK is almost useless if it battles Anticipation monsters like Faraday, who can attack before he gets his extra turns
  • Low power and life

Recommended Moveset Edit

Multi-strike frenzy!

  • Electrodynamic Assault
  • Static Shocks
  • 20,000 Volts
  • 50,000 Volts

Recommended Runes: 3 Stamina Runes/2 Stamina Runes, 1 Strength

Classic, predictable, but very effective. The rune spread is however you feel like, you should try it and keep changing it until you feel experimented about it, so you can make a choice. One thing is sure: you want as much stamina as possible, so 2 Stamina Runes is the minimum. A perfect way to keep him from getting hit with status effects, is with a monster such as Nishant's Bodyguard, who can give evasion to allies. That way, Voltaik will be safe until he can attack. Use 50.000 Volts first and then Static Shocks next to deal damage to all enemies. 20.000 Volts is good to kill a weakened Water-type and Electrodynamic Assault is your typical no cooldown move that also gives an extra turn, so you don't even have to worry about Timerion at all.

Counters Edit

Any monster with Anticipation.

Fast Deniers

All Faradays and Sting Westclaw

Book Analysis Edit


  • Viability Rank: S (8.5/10)
  • Effectiveness: 8/10
  • Comparison to Competition: 8/10


With the almighty Faraday coming here in the Superheroes category, Voltaik is COMPLETELY dead in team wars if he comes across him. Despite this, he's a great option in this category when you aren't facing Faraday.


  • Viability Rank: S- (8/10)
  • Effectiveness: 8/10
  • Comparison to Competition: 7/10


VoltiaK does face some challenges in Thunder wars, as 3/4 of his moves are thunder, and people like Zyla and Mercurius are threats. But mostly, VoltiaK will win. Unless a Faraday is on the enemy team. Then Voltaik is useless until your other monsters kill Faraday. With the new Nemesis Dungeons and Chests, there will be a lot of Faradays in no time, which would make voltaik useless. Plus he is completely outclassed by Zyla.