Voytek has led the toughest yet most successful military campaigns, except the last one, of which he was the only survivor. Since then, he carries a deep sense of guilt and grief for his fallen comrades, shielded behind his aggressive demeanor.

Role: Tank


It's sure Voytek makes his country proud: riddled with an AoE Mega Freeze for his Special, multiple team immunities, big-ass shields, and high-damaging moves in general. His stats aren't the best, but he's still a very tough monster to face.


  • Great and multiple Shield moves
  • Low stamina costs
  • 50 Special dmg + Freeze + Self-Taunt move
  • Great Special: AoE 60 Special Damage + Mega Freeze


  • Doesn't have negative status effects besides Freeze and Daze
  • High cooldowns on most moves
  • Bad speed
  • Has some high damaging skills, but a low power stat

Recommended Moveset

For Mother Russia!

  • Tsar bow (Team 75% Shield + Freeze and Stun Immunity, 13s, 3 CD)
  • Armored Misha (Team NER + 100% Shield, 17s, 4 CD)
  • Caucasian Mountains (50 Special dmg + Freeze + self Taunt, 31s, 2 CD)
  • Caucasian Shepherd / Clumsy Beast (Shepherd for 55 Metal dmg + Daze, 25s, 0 CD) / (Beast for 65 Metal dmg, 25s, 1 CD)

Recommended Runes: 3 Life


  • Ugluk is the ultimate counter to him. He has the Control Immunity trait, so it is pointless for Voytek to Freeze him. He packs quite a punch in dealing with Voytek's huge shields due to the massive damage dealt with Taunt Hater. He can also remove Voytek's shields before damage.
  • Pierce users like Nitroblaster, Wildbird, and ironically, Ursus all are good counters against him since pierce ignores all forms of protection.

Fun Facts

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