The only freeze user once a day, the best monster once a day, every week you see him in a sale, he is one of the best old legendary monsters. He was good for his time, but outclassed by stronger monsters. Doesn't mean he still isn't competitively usable, just that others can outperform him with better stats and wider variety.


A wise man once said "Old Legendaries suck". He was right about most of them. However, three of them are still good and well. White Walker is one of the three, the other being Lord of the Atlantis and Panda Claus.

White Walker can immobilize with high accuracy and low cooldowns. He can support; hit; debuff all; but his stats ruined him, sadly. Therefore, he will be in the C+ ranking. He will only get lower over time. He is still an alright monster, but using him is not necessarily recommended.


  • His skills are amazing
  • He has a 60 base power move without any cooldown
  • AoE Freeze
  • AoE Blind
  • His Special is amazing - 120 Water AoE dmg is devastating!
  • Freeze, Damage Reduction and many more!
  • Can apply Double Damage + 20% health heal to single ally
  • All moves have higher accuracy compared to normal legendaries
  • Low cooldowns


  • Horrible stats
  • Bad trait
  • Only has Water-type moves, so opposing Water-types can tank him

Recommended MovesetEdit

I'm cold!

  • Tsunami (AoE 30 Water damage + Freeze w/ 42 stamina, 2-turn CD)
  • Blizzard (AoE 30 Water damage + Blind w/ 42 stamina, 2-turn CD)
  • Painful Stream/ Big Stream (Painful for 60 Water damage w/ 39 stamina, no CD) / (Big for 35 Water damage + Freeze w/ 22 stamina, 1-turn CD)
  • Water with Steroids (Double damage + 15% heal to an ally w/ 12 stamina, no CD)
  • 3 Speed Runes

Painful Stream has a 60 base power skill with 0 cooldown but White Walker's power is low so he can't do very high damage. Big Stream has a 1 turn of cooldown and freezes an enemy so it's beter I see to pick. Tsunami is your freeze to all skill with ONLY 2 turns of cooldown and higher accuracy than other skills that hit all. Blizzard blinds all foes with low cooldown and high accuracy. Water with Steroids heals an ally and gives him double damage with low stamina cost.


Freezing him and removing his stamina is great so General Thetys works well here. Mommy possesses and stuns him so he will be gone since his speed and life is low.