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Wildbird was the protector of a garden of golden apples with valuable golden seeds used to fuel a portal between dimensions. The lord of the portal had chosen him because of his loyalty, but one day, Wildbird broke that loyalty. He was tricked by his love Zunobia, who stole from the garden, leaving Wildbird lonely and jobless. Now he has to start a new life!

Role: Attacker


Wildbird, the first Forsaken monster, is a Thunder attacker with extremely high power, great health, and great speed. His trait is amazing, and he can do massive damage to any monster with Pierce. He can apply AoE Thunder Weakness, then destroy the enemy team by using an AoE Thunder attack (which also has Pierce). It's incredibly hard to try to bypass him, as not only does he use Pierce, it is protected by PEP, meaning that normal PER will not remove his Pierce, nor will his moves remove Pierce. His relic slots allow him to dish out even more damage (Sword), and in the event of his death, he can come back with Uriel's Essence. Many of his skills also boost his damage output, either by tortures, buffs, or Guard Down and Thunder Weakness. Overall, he is a phenomenal Thunder attacker that happens to be one of the greatest Attackers overall.


  • Amazing stats and trait
  • Great setup moves
  • Moves do not remove Pierce, unlike other Pierce users
  • Insane damage output
  • Low stamina costs
  • Can boost damage output with Thunder Weakness, Shock, Damage Boost, Damage Mirror, and Sunburn


  • You Appear To Be Dying has an unholy cost of 204 stamina
  • Moderate cooldowns on best skills
  • Can still be denied by anything but Stun

Recommended Moveset

I'm A Wild Bird (Unranked)

  • Get Shwifty (AoE Thunder Weakness + Self Extra Turn + Pierce, 27s, 3 CD)
  • Gubba nub nub doo rah kah (Self Evasion + Increase Maximum Stamina + 100% Stamina Restore, 0s, 2 CD)
  • Against The Council / Time For Action (Council for AoE 40 Special dmg + Sunburn, 27s, 2 CD) / (Action for AoE 40 Thunder dmg + Shock, 25s, 2 CD)
  • The Flesh Curtains (60 Special dmg + Shock + Sunburn, 25s, 2 CD)

Wildbird doesn't really have anything that good in his unranked moveset. Get Shwifty is your optimal first move, and then Time For Action can be used for some good Thunder damage.

Please Help Me (Ranked)

  • Get Shwifty
  • Wubba Lubba Dub Dub / Time For Action (Wubba for AoE 45 Special dmg + Shock + Sunburn, 30s, 2 CD)
  • Bag of Squanch (60 Thunder dmg + Mega Stun, 30s, 3 CD)
  • Tammy's Betrayal (40 Special dmg + AoE Guard Down + Self Extra Turn + Evasion, 33s, 3 CD)

You can't run You Appear to be Dying without Gubba nub nub doo rah kah, so that move is not included in this moveset. An optimal way to run this moveset is using Get Shwifty for Thunder Weakness, Tammy's Betrayal for AoE Guard Down, and then Bag of Squanch for a decent amount of Thunder damage.

Recommended Runes: 2 Strength, 1 Team Speed/Speed; 3 Strength

Kills You In Bird Language (Max Damage Skillset)

  • Gubba nub nub doo rah kah
  • Wubba Lubba Dub Dub
  • Bag of Squanch / Tammy's Betrayal
  • You Appear to be Dying (Self NER + Pierce + Enemy 80 Thunder dmg, 204s, 0 CD)

This moveset is for anyone who want to deal massive damage to the opponents.

Recommended Runes: 1 Strength, 1 Team Speed/Speed, 1 Stamina; 2 Strength, 1 Stamina

Recommended Relics: LazarBeam's Sword, Cain's Sword; Uriel Essence

Recommended Allies

  • Warmaster Thalassa is a great ally to Wildbird. With her trait, she can give Freeze Immunity and Increased Stamina effect, which is really useful if you want to use You Appear to be Dying, since it costs 204 stamina, without needing to set up or waste a rune slot using Stamina or Mutant runes.
  • Warmaster Elvira is another option. She can apply Evasion at the start, which makes him nearly invincible (only Pierce can go through).


  • Without teammates, Wildbird is a sitting duck for control effects. Any denier that doesn't use Stun such as Volthar could counter him incredibly easily. However, there is one thing that can protect Wildbird, and that's his Evasion skills. If he uses either of them before denied, he will bypass anything thrown at him, his trait protecting Evasion, and Evasion protecting him. Use a very fast monster to either disable his trait beforehand (as he only has one NER skill that costs 204 stamina) or just outright deny the bird before he can fly away.
  • With the right teammates, he is nigh impossible to beat. You could run a Turn-Transferer like Madam Fusion, and then he could just run Get Shwifty and Time For Action and wipe an entire team at Rank 1. However, he still has some counters. Two Anticipation monsters like Narok and Warmaster Ragnarok in the same team can deal with him. Other than that, there isn't too much other than Madam Fusion and maybe Warmaster Thalassa.
  • One amazing counter to Wildbird is Wickah. She also utilizes Pierce, but not to attack, rather, to remove positive effects and disable traits. She can give her team Torture and Control Immunity, destroying any chances of him using Sunburn and that awesome Mega Stun. Her incredible Speed means she'll go before him, her Status Caster reduces Wildbird's damage output by 20%, and her trait ensures none of her effects miss, including Total Blind, something Wildbird is vulnerable to.
  • His amazing trait can be disabled by monsters such as Madam Fusion.
  • Strong Earth attackers like Ugluk can just plow through him like Zunobia did with his heart.

Fun Facts

  • His skills name referenced many aspects of the Rick and Morty cartoon franchise, and his design references one of the character in the cartoon, Birdperson.
  • The Pierce Titan shares the same design as him.
  • Features as one of the fugitives in bounty hunt