When turn starts, if wearer's Stamina is below 50%, gives 55 - 225 points of Stamina to wearer.

Overview Edit


  • Recovers 225 stamina at max level
  • Is the only essence relic that can give stamina
  • 3 Uses


  • Uncraftable
  • Has to contest with a Relic that can revive the holder.
  • Most monsters that hold the essence relic don't need that much stamina.
  • Only casts onto the user, meaning the amazing 675 total stamina is focused onto one user.

Recommended Monsters Edit

  • Rekka might just be the only effective user of the Xiron's Essence thanks to his Extra Turn Spam Attacker role as he requires as much Stamina as possible to pull off as much damage as he can.
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