Zameleon is Grumpex's younger brother. He's really cool and laid back, most of the time. But when it's time to fight alongside his brother and the rest of the Chameliens, Zameleon's Support skills are indispensable.


Zameleon is similar to Metalisha, but slightly slower and without a revival skill. His ultimate is the same as Metalisha's, but with a 100% stamina refill and removing all negative status effects instead of only control effects. He can also "turn transfer" (give one ally an extra turn) without applying Ignite. He also has some awesome support moves like healing, Stamina refill, cooldown deactivation, Dodge Area, and Damage Boost.


  • Good Speed
  • Team CDDA
  • Team 50% Heal + 50% Stamina Refill
  • Self Dodge Area


  • High cooldowns on good moves
  • Only negative status effect is Sunburn
  • Status Caster is situational
  • Relatively low life stat

Recommended MovesetEdit

  • Grumpex Charge! (Ally Extra Turn + self Double Damage, 35s, 3 CD)
  • Restoration Chamber (Team CDDA + Damage Boost, 31s, 3 CD)
  • Nano-Surgery (Team 50% Heal & 50% Stamina, 26s, 2 CD)
  • Transplantation / Blinding Supernova / Hit'n'Run Tactics (Transplantation for AoE 30% Heal, 21s, 1 CD) / (Supernova for 40 Earth dmg + AoE Sunburn, 19s, 2 CD) / (Tactics for 40 Earth dmg + self Area Dodge, 24s, 2 CD)

Recommended Runes: 3 Speed; 3 Team Speed

Recommended Relics: Eeltron's Mask, Jasastur's Mask; Uriel Essence

Counters Edit

  • Nanovirus monsters such as Mirak, Patient Cyber, and Volthar can work really well.
  • Zameleon's best moves have high cooldowns so CDA monsters such as Sunblast and Pierceid can stop him in his tracks.
  • He can also be countered by all forms of deny, which will keep him from supporting his team.
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