Zimnyaya was born a peasant in a small village, where he had many followers as a self-proclaimed overlord. He used manipulation, betrayal, and political propaganda to climb the ranks, murdering both rivals and followers along the way. Power is his sole ambition.

Role: Control


Zimnyaya has a monstrous speed of 3,542. Not only that, but he has an AoE Freeze and team Freeze Hater, an AoE Freeze and 50% Stamina removal for 80 Stamina, an AoE Stun for 90 stamina, a team 50% Stamina refill for 0 Stamina, a team Precision, Freeze Immunity and 50% Stamina Refill, and a single Mega Freeze for 90 stamina. The last thing is his broken Special skill - an AoE Mega Freeze. Seems like the communists knew what they were doing when they crowned this guy their leader.


  • High speed
  • Mega Freeze
  • Freeze Hater
  • 0 cooldown freeze skill
  • Team 50% stamina regain
  • Decent trait


  • Low health
  • High cooldowns
  • Absolutely horrendous stamina costs
  • Useless against monsters who are immune to freeze or stun

Recommended Moveset

Workers of the World, Unite!

  • Coldtober Revolution (AoE Freeze + 50% Stamina Removal, 90s, 4 CD)
  • Small Propaganda (AoE 25 Water dmg + 50% Freeze + Team Freeze Hater, 43s, 2 CD)
  • Prisoner of Ice (40 Water dmg + Mega Freeze, 90s, 4 CD)
  • Stamina Appropriation / Frostletariat Uprising (Team 50% Stamina Regain, 0s, 4 CD) / (Team Freeze Immunity + Team Precision + Team 50% Stamina Regain, 20s, 3 CD)

Recommended Runes: 3 Speed (preferably Mutant Runes w/ Stamina)

Recommended Relics: Cane of the Atlantis, Pumpseed's Staff; Jasastur's Mask


  • Any strong Thunder attackers, like Talany and Wildbird, can make a quick work of taking him out due to his bad life stat.
  • Since he has some nasty cooldowns, CDA users such as Thundeer, Grakon, and Lamia can stop him from using most, if not all, of his skills.
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