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Ever since this beast of alien origin appeared on Earth, different teams of monsters have been trying to contain its lethal attacks. Every time someone finds a way to control Zizania, it changes its behavior and becomes even more terrifying.

Role: Attacker


Zizania is a great Metal Elite attacker that's the first of it's kind: A piercer. Pierce lets Zizania penetrate all protective status effects excluding Damage Protection. This lets him wreak havoc wherever he chooses to hit, so he can wreck double DA + Taunt strats, and just about any team that relies on effects and traits to function. In addition, He has many tortures that he can land on ITT monsters, and can life steal to sustain himself, and complement that with regeneration. To ensure that he doesn't hit a wall with Metal tanks, SP gave this monstrosity a nice nature move, an it's high damage at that. He has a neat self support in The Rooting, which gives him regeneration and evasion, plus a extra turn to boot. He's got great stats, and a nice SC. Overall, Zizania is a incredible attacker and piercer that changed monster legends forever.


  • Great stats and SC
  • Mostly low cooldowns
  • Has a Nature skill as a Metal Monster
  • Good self-support abilities like Pierce, Evasion, and heals
  • Many torture effects like Bleed, Poison, and Nanovirus


  • Mediocre trait, excluding the Status Caster
  • Horrid relic slots

Recommended Moveset

Natural Killer (Unranked)

  • Alien Spores (Self Pierce + 45 Metal dmg + Daze + Self Pierce Removal, 26s, 1 CD)
  • Poisoned Thorn (Self Pierce + 50 Nature dmg + Poison + Self Pierce Removal, 26s, 1 CD)
  • Sharp Petals (60 Special dmg + Bleed, 20s, 1 CD)
  • Carnivorous Plant (Self NER + 40 Special dmg + 100% Life Steal, 38s, 2 CD)

Alien Assassin (Ranked)

  • Nano Spores (AoE 40 Metal dmg + Poison + Daze, 30s, 2 CD)
  • Thorns Out (Self Pierce + 65 Special dmg + Nanovirus, 29s, 2 CD)
  • The Rooting (Self Evasion + Regeneration + Extra Turn, 35s, 3 CD)
  • Ultimate Flytrap / Sharp Petals / Poisoned Thorn (Flytrap for 55 Special dmg + Metal Weakness + Self 100% Life Steal + NER, 45s, 2 CD)

Recommended Runes: 3 Strength; 2 Strength, 1 Team Speed

Recommended Relics: Mantis Claws Trap, Nabuline's Trap, Oblation Trap, Wormhole's Trap

Recommended Allies

  • Monsters that can apply PEP such as Akunobuki, Hornet, and Wickah can secure its Pierce and safely use The Rooting without repercussions.
  • He is easily denied as well, seeing its trait. So tanks like Eisul, Santerion, and Dunn Ra can protect him from control effects.


  • Since Zizania is weak to Magic monsters, fast attackers like Devastress are recommended.
  • Since it does not have any immunities to any control effects, great deniers such as Xiron the Ruby and Warmaster Sherezar can deny him easily.
  • CDA Users like Lamia can leave him wilting and rusting.